Homeopathy’s Best Kept Secret

You were trained as a Western medical doctor. What made you turn to homeopathy? Dr. Luc: When I was a young doctor fresh out of medical school in Belgium, I thought I knew everything. But then I started seeing patients whom Western medicine just couldn’t help. One young girl of 15 got headaches every time… Continue reading Homeopathy’s Best Kept Secret

Medical Astrology

Medical astrology helps us better understand how the world around us shapes our health. We are living in a material world. You can touch matter, you can feel it, you can eat it. If you are not careful enough, it can also hurt you, poison you, or make damage in numerous other ways. But living… Continue reading Medical Astrology

Astrology Report vs. Horoscope Delineation

Astrology reports give you a detailed astrological analysis of one or more parts of your life. There are many types of reports, from the most general ones to the very specific, such as “fatherhood”, “gynecological illnesses” etc. They are usually computer generated and there are many sites that offer these reports for next to nothing,… Continue reading Astrology Report vs. Horoscope Delineation