Endometriosis (colloquially referred to as endo, but also misspelled as endometreosis and endemetriosis) affects some 89 million women of reproductive age around the world. With endometriosis, the endometrial tissue from the uterus is found outside the womb in other areas of the body. Under normal circumstances, the endometrium leaves the body each month through menses… Continue reading Endometriosis

Conventional Endometriosis Treatments

The most suitable treatment must take into account the state of the patient’s health, together with fertility / infertility plans and issues that the patient has. The treatment may be directed at pain management and removal only, and any type of estrogen reducing therapy will do in that regard. To achieve pregnancy, either surgery, or… Continue reading Conventional Endometriosis Treatments

Autofluorescent Laparoscopy Diagnosis of Endometriosis

Autofluorescent laparoscopy diagnosis of endometriosis is a new way of seeing where endometriosis is during the laparoscopy. Laparoscopy is the best procedure to diagnose and remove endometriosis. During laparoscopy, it is possible to see where the lesions are, however, under normal white light, tiny or hidden growths (implants) may remain hidden from the surgeons’s view.… Continue reading Autofluorescent Laparoscopy Diagnosis of Endometriosis

Alternative Endometriosis Treatments

Are alternative endometriosis treatments any better then the conventional ones? Truth to be told, none of either will work 100% of time, but the former stand a better chance of healing you if they go deep enough, to eradicate the roots of the problem. The Place of Homeopathy Amongst Alternative Endometriosis Treatments In homeopathy, the… Continue reading Alternative Endometriosis Treatments

Lupron, Hysterectomy or Reiki Against Endometriosis

Endochick is a writer, a mother, a wife, and a student. She suffers from Stage III endometriosis, IBS, Complicated Migraines and hypothyroidism and she has a blog about her struggles with endometriosis. She is in great deal of pain because of large cysts and the doctors had a suprise for her: as far as they… Continue reading Lupron, Hysterectomy or Reiki Against Endometriosis