Medical Astrology

Medical astrology helps us better understand how the world around us shapes our health.

We are living in a material world. You can touch matter, you can feel it, you can eat it. If you are not careful enough, it can also hurt you, poison you, or make damage in numerous other ways. But living only on the material plane is not sufficient for us. Besides what we need, we also have wants, some primitive, some quite sophisticated. There is a difference between the body and the being that is in it.

Our material bodies are material shells for our Higher Selves. We used to be energy beings without material bodies, but somehow decided to dive into matter and gain that experience, in order to better become one with Universe. We are spiritual beings with bodies and not bodies enlightened with consciousness. This is the fundamental truth and the foundation of the main difference between the materialistic medicine of the 20th century and the alternative medicine.

In alternative medicine, there is just one illness: an incorrect flow of energy through the body. Compare this with Western medicine and its catalogue of 5000 and more diagnoses. One further difference is that in alternative medicine we deal with the entire patient, who will have various mental, emotional, physiological and/or pathological states. Alternative medicine tries to comprehend the patient as a whole, and not just one of its parts. To the opposite, the orthodox medicine views the illness as a kind of a specilized problem, and offers a specialized solution, often by a specialist in particular field.

Astrology Records the State of Cosmos When You Were Born

Since we are spiritual beings that come to this world, the exact moment of our appearance on Earth is of paramount importance. Astrology is the science and art of studying the moment of birth and its meaning. It as a picture of cosmos from that place on planet Earth, at that time. “As above, so bellow”, so the being or the event born “bellow”, on Earth, holographically contains all the qualities of the “above”. A natal chart is a picture of energies at that time and place, and is best analysed as a carrier of trends in the life of that person or event.

The astrology chart contains all the information and serves as a blueprint for the entire life. It is also a path of the least resistance for the individual. In theory, we can all be anything we want, but it cannot be manifested on this planet: the energy patterns in the natal chart make one route “cheaper” or “costlier” in emotional, organisational, material or in any other way. We feel best when all parts of our chart are actived. If that is not possible, the next best is when the larger part of the chart functions harmoniously. That is health: the person is living his or her own life, in a unique way. We all know that everybody is different, but in medical astrology, everybody has to be different to live a healthy and, eventually, a happy life.

Related Charts

From the natal chart we can compute other related charts:

transits — the influence of the planetary positions at any point in time,

progression – the chart of long term trends in one’s life,

solar return — the chart for a particular year.

Through one such combination of medical astrology charts we can see whether you will be ill or not, should you have an operation (i.e. hysterectomy) or not, what alternative therapies are at the disposal etc. The main benefits of medical astrology are:

* you learn the exact dates and intervals of time in which a danger lurks,
* you learn how to change your behaviour in order to absorb the energies the planets send us (although we did not ask them to),
* you learn what therapies can be best for you, and when (note that the energy healing techniques may easily send you back to the classical medicine approach — you should do what is best for you, regardless of the method used to gain such knowledge),
* the chart itself will often guide you to the correct prescription of a homeopathic or flower remedy…

There are many other benefits medical astrology can yield, but you need to be deeply motivated to walk that avenue. Only when Uranus, the ruler of astrology, makes strong and sustaining aspects to a part of the natal chart, only then will you become receptive enough to hear what astrology has to say.

The Roots of Illness in the Natal Chart

There are twelve signs in the natal chart and there are ten planets that we usually work with in medical astrology. There are again twelve houses, which are human experiences on this planet. Planets form aspects, which are angles between the planets and the centre of the zodiac circle. Each planet emits its own type of energy. You can spend the energy in several ways:

* through the houses — living the human life you were meant to, socializing, inteacting with other people etc.
* through the signs — these would be basic psychological characteristics of a person,
* through the aspects — the psychological dynamics of a person.

When the energy in the chart moves freely, you are healthy. When the energy is stale, being forced to stagnate in one part of the chart, you feel it as a problem area. Finally, if the problem area is in the VI, VIII or in the XII house, or is somehow connected to them, you will become ill.

The Stale Energy in the Medical Astrology Chart

Normally, various energies come and go through the body. So, how an energy becomes stale? There may be a number of reasons: * long transits of slow planets (from Saturn to Pluto) concentrate on one part of the chart, thus yielding too much of one and the same energy,

* you may be living with persons whose charts interact strongly with yours,
* the country you are living in has a natal chart, which also can influence events in your life.

The stale energy drills a hole through your psyche and goes to the corresponding part of the body — psychosomatics at work. If you have a fibroid in uterus, or cancer, where did the energy for those wild growths come from? It is an unspent, blocked energy. Quite often, the women with such growths first experience a sense of despair, of being wrapped in a grey or dark cloud, of living in unacceptable circumstances and yet not being able to escape them… And the only way to comprehend all this is through medical astrology analysis. Your goal should be not only to get rid off of the cancer, fibroids or whatever else have you, but to change the lifestyle and circumstances that led to all these. Otherwise, the illness may just come back, or even strike stronger than before. Since we are spiritual beings first and material beings only second, surplus planetary energies will still affect you, even if you have your “happy hysterectomy”.

The Esotheric Body

Our material bodies are replicas of our energy bodies, so even if you cut out your womb in the material world, it will still exist in the etheric body, and will continue to receive the “negative” influences from beyond. If there is no womb, well, the energy will flow to the house over which the Moon rules in the medical astrology chart. If that happens to be one of the houses of illnesses (VI, VII, XII), you will still be ill: If it’s the VI house, you will be ill but will make through it relatively easily.

In case of the XII house, it is hospital, while

In case of the VIII house — strong pains, terminal states, surgery, phobias, cancer

If one operation could solve the problem, I guess we’d be all be just happy to get rid of the corresponding part of the body… but it just isn’t so. The illness will be gone only if the surplus energy is gone, for instance, if the transits are over.

Energy Healing

What if the transits are going to last, or even worse, to chain one after another and press for a decade or more? Enter energy healing. Taking the leading idea of homeopathy, simillia simillibus curantur, the like will heal the like, we study the natal and other charts * to see the periods of illness,

* to assess the quality of energy which we are going to fight,
* then decide upon the therapy and when one therapy should be exchanged for another, then (still extracting as much info as possible from the chart)
* refine the therapy into concrete remedies and procedures.

The safest approach is to follow the medical astrology charts, trying to be as impartial as possible. The reading of the remedies from the chart is, in its initial stage, best left to software, but in the end, it is the astrologer who has to synthetise all the facts and the current state of the client.

When is Medical Astrology Not Sufficient?

In cases of significant illnesses, such as — uterine fibroids,

— endometriosis,

— sexually transmitted diseases,

— dysplasias,

— cancer…

medical astrology is an enormous first step, but a healing must occur in order for the client to be better. This is obvious, however, there are many clients who are on the border line. Since through medical astrology we can predict the on-coming of an illness, a relatively mild therapy, such as Reiki or flower remedies, may be the only thing needed. In such cases, it is advisable that the astrologer offers or suggests that kind of healing. (This, of course, presupposes that the astrologer can do Reiki or knows how to heal with flower essences.) However, the stronger forms, such as homeopathy, vibropathy etc. are the real healing and the astrological client turns into a patient. This is best left to a dedicated practitioner of homeopathy, Su Jok, vibropathy, herbal remedies etc.

Medical Astrology — The Missing Link

The difference between the approach advocated here and all the others is a strong emphasis on astrology. Here, astrology comes first, everything else flows from it. Medical astrology is the missing link between the patient’s current state, his or her future state and healing. Once the delineation is done, the client goes to the selected practitioner and continues the struggle there, but now knowing when and what to watch for.

Although in this system the main emphasis is on energy healing, you would be wise to stay within the current health system you are in. Just use the ordinary doctors to measure your state, they have magnificent, expensive equipment and can be quite useful most of the time. But when you see your tumor or cyst through the machine, it is already too late. How superior is it to take Bach flower remedies for a couple of months and never let the tumor grow in the first place?