Astrology Report vs. Horoscope Delineation

Astrology reports give you a detailed astrological analysis of one or more parts of your life. There are many types of reports, from the most general ones to the very specific, such as “fatherhood”, “gynecological illnesses” etc. They are usually computer generated and there are many sites that offer these reports for next to nothing, or even for free. We can divide these reports into two groups, when only one person is involved and when there are two persons involved. Here are the types of chart for one person:

== natal chart,

== solar chart,

== progressed chart,

== harmonic charts,

== midpoints chart,

== Uranian charts.

Natal chart is the alpha and omega of all astrology, but to predict the future often the progressed and solar charts are needed. If one and the same token is recognized in all the three charts, say divorce, pregnancy, surgery etc. then it is practically mandatory that such a thing should manifest in the real world.

Astrology Reports for Two Persons

These reports require two sets of natal data, but then they can generate accurate info on the particular relationship, be it personal, marrital, sexual, business partnership, parent/child situtation, friends or anything else in between: . synastry chart,

== composite chart,

== time / space midpoint chart.

All these three charts speak volumes about the interplay of two natal charts. In 99% of cases, it will be about love, sex, marriage or divorce and breaking away. In the 1% rest of cases, it can be about business aspect of a partnership, about living in this or that country (then your chart and the chart of that country would be compared) etc.

I have specialized in composite charts because they hold the essence of the relationship. If the composite chart says that the relation will break up, it most certainly will. If you are unsure whether to break up or to hold a bit longer waiting for better times to show up, contact me for a reading over the Internet.

Transits — Astrological Reports for Mapping the Future

To you, the moment you came to this planet is the most momentous event in your life, but the Earth, the planets, the stars… and everything else continued to move through space and time. The reports about transits explain where are the cosmic influences right now, or anytime else for that matter. The art od astrological divination is based on hard astronomical fact, we know exactly where the planets are, where they have been and where they will be for hundreds and — in some cases for — thousands years back and into the future. So we combine the natal, progressed or solar chart with the transits and see how the new physical positions of the real, existing astronomical bodies MAY influence you. Notice the emphasis on MAY: nothing in the future is cast in stone, and by obtaining the map of future energies, you will be able to INFLUENCE the course of events to a certain degree.

When you ask “will I pass an exam”, the astrologer looks at your natal chart, sees there what planets and houses explain the notion of “exam”, and then glances at the transits: by combining the energy “weights” of all patterns, he or she will be able to tell you what are your chances of passing an exam, whether the transits form “evil” aspects, and if so, what “good” aspects to use to neutralize them. In essence, astrologer heals you by rectifying and aligning your patterns of behaviour with your natal “axioms” and current “aberations” due to transits.

Astrology Reports and Energy Healing

It is quite possible to make an astrology report on energy healing methods from the natal and other charts. For instance: . a strong third house will enable healing with Reiki and/or Su Jok,

== a strong sixth house (especially in earth signs) will point to the food as the remedy,

== strong twelfth house or Pisces will lead to energy healing,

== strong water signs lead to herbal teas etc.

Planetary configurations from an astrology report can point to the right selection of remedies. For instance, if you have Sun in Aries, attacked by Saturn from, say, Capricorn, you are bound to have problems with bones (Saturn) in the head (Aries), or upper (Aries) teeth (Saturn), or various kinds of depression (Saturn square Sun), or melancholy (Saturn square Sun) etc. Any remedy that will help you with your ailement will then also be a manifestation of Aries Sun squared by Capricorn Saturn.

Reaching the Simillimum

It is even possible to discover the simillimum — the remedy that for the most part describes your entire state — by combining influences in the natal chart. It is very important to find one’s simillimum, as that is the best remedy under the circumstances. If we find it through the natal chart, it then becomes a constitutional remedy, which in homeopathy can make miracles happen even in the worst of situations. For instance if you have Mars in Libra, you will have inflammation of the kidneys or, reciprocaly with Aries, inflammation of the eyes. But, if you have the Moon, say, in Virgo, you must add various problems with pancreas, liver and gall-bladder, due to lack (if in malefic aspects) or increase (if in “good” aspects) of natural fluids in those organs. So, ideally, you need a remedy that heals inflammations of kidneys, eyes, and/or liver… It is difficult to find such remedies, but an astrology report can still pinpoint the way towards the best remedy in each particular case.

But it gets even better: the astrologer can tell when one remedy or method of healing will be active and useful, and when it will stop being so! The remedy or method that worked while Saturn opposed your natal Capricorn Sun in 2003, 2004, and 2005 (producing depression and generally lowering immunity) may not be useful at all when Saturn moves to Leo (2005 to 2007) and you suddenly develop varicose veins in legs because Saturn then opposes your, say, natal Venus (veins) in Aquarius (legs bellow the knees).

An astrology report like this would be best used in conjunction with a reading from a live astrologer.

Astrology Report for Flower Remedies

Flower remedies are an excellent addition to every astrologer’s arsenal for helping the people in need. The proper situation to use them is when the client is suffering under malefic transits of slow planets (Saturn, Uran, Neptune, Pluto) but there are still no physical symptoms shown in a standard computerised astrology report. Let’s say your Sun were in Cancer; the transit of Saturn through Cancer from June 2003 to July 2005 made you really slow and depressive. Nothing to call your doctor about, and yet there is this feeling of undermined self-worth and constant sinking… An ideal situation for flower remedies such as Gorse, Gentian, Mustard and several others.

Or, she is divorced with one child and in love relationship with a man also divorced, also with a child, for some 18 years. Then Saturn stays for a year over Venus in their composite chart… the love is no more and relatinship breaks apart. It took only three days of taking a proper combination of Bach flower remedies to stop her feeling of loss — she came back to her own senses, after having a feeling of being beaten in the dark tunnel for two years in a row.

Or, a woman who stands to lose an excellent job because her relationship with a man she thought he loved her ended, after lasting for three years… Well, she got up to her feet after the break of the relationship and she managed to change herself so that a new job would put her in a much better position than before.

Astrology Report vs. Astrology Reading — What’s the Difference?

There’s a world of difference between a computer generated astrology report and a true reading with a live astrologer. If you can, you should strive to have your chart read by a professional astrologer, reports come as a distant second alternative.