Alternative Endometriosis Treatments

Are alternative endometriosis treatments any better then the conventional ones? Truth to be told, none of either will work 100% of time, but the former stand a better chance of healing you if they go deep enough, to eradicate the roots of the problem.

The Place of Homeopathy Amongst Alternative Endometriosis Treatments

In homeopathy, the goal is to find one remedy which covers almost all the symptoms present; when taken, the negative energy in the remedy counteracts the negative energy that is already making the patient ill, and just as

(-1) * (-1) = +1

the original “evil” energy leaves the patient. For chronic diseases, something more is needed — the genetics needs to be mended first, and only then will other remedies and methods work. Inherited basis for the disease is called the miasm and homeopathy has access to several remedies that clear up the miasms, and thus pave the road to final healing.

For genital problems, the miasm usually is a sycotic miasm, and the remedy that best describes it is Medorrhinum. That is why that remedy should be given first, and then followed by some more specific remedies. However, Medorrhinum is not the only such remedy, so there are no hard and fast rules — each patient still needs to be treated on her own.

Homeopathy can be very successful amongst other alternative endometriosis treatments, but — BUT — it takes a really good homeopath to make things work.

The Place of Su Jok Amongst Alternative Endometriosis Treatments

With Su Jok, you can send healthy energy directly to the diseased organs and mend them without the surgery. You do that by pressing certain points on palms and feet and if they knew how, everybody could start healing themselves, on their own.

The problem of Su Jok is that it is a fairly new theraphy, and in the hands of a master, it may well be the best therapy there is. However, Su Jok therapists are very few in the world — your chances are better if you are in India, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, while in the so-called West — you will not find almost any Su Jok practitioner. Still, you can learn the basics of Su Jok within an afternoon and then let it heal you for free. I know of a case of a woman who healed her own endometriosis within a few months, just by applying Su Jok every night to her palms.

The Place of Reiki Amongst Alternative Endometriosis Treatments

Give yourself lots of Reiki and the pain will both subside while you will be healed at the same time. Reiki can heal you alright, but you must be either initiated to it, or somebody else must heal you, perhaps a member of the family, or you can get long distance healing. However, there are no guarantees as to how and when you will get healed.

Reiki has intelligence of its own and will start healing from the level that is needed. It may be some point in the past, some karmic debt, some recent trauma, or a trauma that you do not know is there but it still is there (a childhood incident, perhaps). In any case, Reiki will help with your endometriosis, either as a pain killer or as a final method of healing.

A unique capability of Reiki is to concentrate energy towards the solution of your problem (any problem, by the way, not only endometriosis). After directing Reiki towards the problem, the solution will start materializing in the next several days or weeks at the most. You, per chance, visit a site that gives you a new idea about healing, get acquainted with someone who knows a good healer and so on. Reiki is great help, and you start healing yourself for free and with a minimal investment in learning, all from the Internet.

The Place of Medical Astrology Amongst Alternative Endometriosis Treatments

Through medical astrology, it is possible to come up not only with a battery of healing methods that will best heal you, but it is also possible to predict when the endometriosis will get worse, and what should be done then in order to preserve health. There are very, very few medical astrologers in the world (one of them is yours truly, by the way), so this is even less viable option then Su Jok. But, if you want to know where you are standing and what you are doing, medical astrology can’t be beaten.

The Place of Herbal Remedies

Homoepathy and Su Jok are excellent alternative endometriosis treatments but it may be unaccessible to you. I’ll also unerstand if you don’t get Reiki either. So, what, then? Why not just buy a pill of a kind and be done with endo, forever, if you don’t mind! In TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, the bad state of the liver is considered to be the root of endometriosis. Empower the liver and gradually the endo will subside. This is exactly the idea behind Endo Ex, a mixture of herbs and homeopathic remedies:

The herbs in Endo Ex are chosen for their effect both on the hormones and the liver:

Vitex agnus-cactus (Chasteberry) effects pituitary gland, the “conductor” to the orchestra of internal glands. Vitex will adjust female hormones and regulate menstruation, and will also help in endometriosis, PMS and dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation). Chasteberry also helps the liver to process and excrete estrogen — less estrogen means no estrogen domination or none at all.

Angelica senensis (Don Quai) acts as a hormone balancer and is an indispensable herb for treatment of female reproductive disorders. It is a tonic herb for the reproductive system and will address the overall health of your reproductive organs and is especially useful in treatment of irregular periods, polycystic ovarian syndrome, estrogen dominance and endometriosis. Don Quai is also a well-known liver tonic and blood pressure regulator.

Silybum marianus (Milk Thistle) This protects the liver from damage by viruses, pollution, stress and toxins. It is also a potent antioxidant; laboratory studies indicate it may have useful anti-cancer properties.

Dioscorea villosa (Chinese Yam) is an excellent natural liver and nervous system tonic. It is also known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties and will decrease menstrual pain as well as inflammation associated with endometriosis that leads to scar tissue.

Viburnum opulus (30C) is a homeopathic remedy known for its effectiveness in treating painful menstruation, especially backache.

You should be taking Endo Ex for several months in a row, to see the effects. And you can do other things for your endometriosis at the same time. Just do something on your own, don’t wait for medical doctors to tell you everything in your life!