Endometriosis and Homeopathy

A Short Remainder of What Endometriosis Is Endometriosis (sometimes colloquially referred to as endo) affects some 89 million women of reproductive age around the world. With endometriosis, the endometrial tissue from the uterus is found outside the womb in other areas of the body. Under normal circumstances, the endometrium leaves the body each month through… Continue reading Endometriosis and Homeopathy

Alternative Endometriosis Treatments

Are alternative endometriosis treatments any better then the conventional ones? Truth to be told, none of either will work 100% of time, but the former stand a better chance of healing you if they go deep enough, to eradicate the roots of the problem. The Place of Homeopathy Amongst Alternative Endometriosis Treatments In homeopathy, the… Continue reading Alternative Endometriosis Treatments

How To Prepare for Hysterectomy Surgery

embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt If you have to prepare for hysterectomy, there is plenty of advice on the Internet, and you might even want to invest into a paper book on the subject. In the comment to a post from someone who is in this situation, I have outlined two other possibilities for getting… Continue reading How To Prepare for Hysterectomy Surgery

Wrongful Hysterectomy Can Lead to Death

Here’s a little story for you: The patient undervent operation because of intestinal obstruction of an unknown nature. The surgeon called her husband and told him that he saw cancer and the uterus and the ovaries had to go. Another surgeon, a specialist in gynecology was called in, and a full hystererectomy was performed. It… Continue reading Wrongful Hysterectomy Can Lead to Death