Lupron, Hysterectomy or Reiki Against Endometriosis

Endochick is a writer, a mother, a wife, and a student. She suffers from Stage III endometriosis, IBS, Complicated Migraines and hypothyroidism and she has a blog about her struggles with endometriosis. She is in great deal of pain because of large cysts and the doctors had a suprise for her: as far as they are concerned, she has to enter the artificial menopause, either through Lupron or through hysterectomy. Here is an excerpt from the conversation:

DR: “So, Dr. K and I are prepared to offer you two things, either Lupron or a Hysterectomy. “

ME: “Thank God!”

DR: “Now both of these will put you into menopause. The Lupron will be a seudo menopause with added side effects from the drug. I’ll be honest with you, Lupron is hard to take. Many women have problems with it. Also, the hysterectomy will be put you into immediate surgical menopause because we will have to take the ovaries. “

ME: “Ok.”

One referral to urologist later, and I’m left to decide between the two options. What a day!

Here is what I have commented:

Hi EndoChick

I am a male so I cannot have your painful experiences first hand, but there sure are several ways to lleviate the pain. One of them would be Reiki, you can get it immediately if you go to my site. ou’ll get half an hour long distance Reiki session and it is free. You can use it once per day, very day. If that helps even a little bit, that would be a great sign that Reiki and perhaps other nergy healing techniques can help where classical medicine can not.

My entire site is devoted to using such methods in order to avoid hysterectomy. Your doctor is right aying that Lupron is hard to take (there is a page about why is it so on the site), but hysterectomy is worse, cannot be undone and there is no guarantee that it will save you from endometriosis, if it has already spread far away from the uterus. But all this is pure theory while you are in pain, so let’s get away with the pain first, and then do try to heal yourself instead of trying to counterattack the damage that has already been done in the body.

Wishing you all the best!

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By the way, in cases like this, medical astrology should be the first resource to turn to, to discover a general strategy for the future, however, the patients have their acute problems and, truth to say, astrology reading is just a bunch of information from which no actual curing seems to come from. Once you have your reading, though, you start searching for the best therapies that can help you and things start to happen.