The Natal Chart Of An Endometrial Ablation Discussion Group

Here we’ll use the chart of a dedicated endometrial ablation discussion group to see the signature of heavy menstrual bleeding leading to an endometrial ablation. As one might expect, the owner of this site has gone through the debilitating experience of a heavy menorrhagia, which was successfuly resolved through an endometrial ablation; afterwards, she opened this endometrial ablation discussion group to help other women in a similar situation. The information on the “birth” data is taken from the home page, which is March 30th 2000. For a full chart we would need the place where the owner was and the exact hour and minute, but I just took the place and time of me creating this chart. This is kind of a horary approach mixing with the known natal date, and it functions well as you will now see.

The Natal Chart of the Endometrial Ablation Discussion Site

The chart for this endometrial ablation discussion group is one of the most straightforward charts that I have ever seen (and I’ve seen several thousands of them!)

Endometrial ablation discussion group horoscope
Endometrial ablation discussion group horoscope

Mars signifies bleeding. In this chart he is on 5 Taurus, the sign of his exile. This word “exile” means that Mars rules and functions best in Scorpio, where he is strong and dedicated to valid functioning of sex organs. In Taurus, Mars exibits the contrary, “bad” functioning of sex organs. Then, there is Jupiter on 8 Taurus. The eigth degree is similar to Scorpio as the eighth sign, so Jupiter on 8 Taurus is something large (Jupiter), connected to sex organs (the 8th degree) and so a major malfactor (Jupiter opposite to Scorpio).

Mars in exile with Jupiter already gives a picture of improper functioning of the sex organs, through strong (Mars) and large (Jupiter) quantities of blood (Mars again). The rising sign of the chart is on 24 Aries and its ruler Mars is exactly in the first house, so it will be seen on the body and outside of the body (it will bleed outwards). When it happens, it is best to go to hospital (the 24th degree) or at least stay home in largest possible (Jupiter) isolation (the 24th degree again).

Next comes Saturn on 15 Taurus — that is why the excessive (Jupiter) bleeding (Mars) is debilitating. Saturn in this chart rules the 10th house, the house of life goals; being in the first, it means that you have to sacrifice (Saturn) a part of your body (1st house) in order to get well. Fortunately enough, Venus, which rules over all the three planets through Taurus, is sextile Saturn, so you’ll live through this. Saturn also is an older, skilfull, respected person, and here sextile Mercury (hands, manually) as well, meaning that a manual procedure by a skillfull surgeon will be a solution to the problem. Both Mercury and Venus are in the 12th house (hospital) in the sign of Pisces (anesthesia), so the procedure should be best performed with you unconscious.

Why This Chart Describes Endometrial Ablation

Really, why would this be a chart of endometrial ablation instead of say, hysterectomy, or something entirely else? Mars is the surgeon’s scalpel, but what will it be directed to? Of course, towards the strongest aspect in the chart, which here is to Neptune on 6 Aquarius, followed by the Moon on 3 Aquarius. Neptune is stands for the “unknown” reasons for bleeding, while Mars square Moon is an operation on one of the reproductive organs, here, it is endometrium, the hidden (Neptune) part of the uterus (Moon). If we trace the energy flow from the slower planets to the faster ones (the strong red lines from Mars to Neptune in the above natal chart), we see that heavy and debilitating bleeding (Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) will be resolved through a violent (square) action towards the endometrium (Neptune and Moon). Neptune is on 6 Aquarius, so this is aimed to heal, not just cut away. Actually, nothing should be cut away since in this chart Mars and Pluto do not have any aspect. (Had they been in a hard aspect, it would be a chart of hysterectomy or some other kind of surgery.)

Speaking of Pluto, he does rule the eighth house of surgery and sexual organs and is in it — so this all is about surgery and reproduction, in a hospital (Pluto on 12 Sagittarius).

There is a nice trine of Pluto to the Sun in the 12th house; the Moon and Neptune also sextile this Sun, so going for the ablation is a conscious decision, from your initiative.

Why Is This the Chart of a Discussion Group?

So far we have seen that this is a chart of heavy bleeding resolved through a surgery under anesthesia, in the hospital. But why is this a chart of a discussion group? The Internet as a whole is ruled by Uranus and Aquarius, and it widespread all over the world exactly from the moment Uranus entered the constellation of Aquarius, in 1995. A group of people with a common goal is represented by the 11th house, and in this chart all of this is right on place.

Pluto from the 8th house (surgery, a serious intervention on reproductive organs) sextiles Uranus in Aquarius, in the 11th house, so making this site for its owner and taking part in it for the visitors is also a healing activity (Chiron is conjunct Pluto in the 8th house), kind of healing through communication (the sextile — writing, small groups).

What will be they talking about? Pluto on 12 Sagittarius is in exact square to Mercury on 12 Pisces, it is about being under surgery and in anesthesia, in a hospital (Neptune ruling Pisces). Since Neptune is in the 11th house, it is a group of women (the Moon), communicating (Moon on the 3rd degree) electronically (in Aquarius), about their uteri (the Moon) which is heavily, very heavily bleeding (Mars conjunct Jupiter square the Moon conjunct Neptune), so that the life becomes unbearable (the presence of Saturn in the first house).

Why Do You Have a Problem With the Uterus in the First Place!?

The Moon this close to Neptune means that you are a hypersensitive person, someone who gets unconsciously overwhelmed with adverse energies. For this to be true, in your natal chart you should have a significant contact between the Moon and Neptune. For practical purposes, you should learn how to protect yourself against foreign and enemy energies, most of which you suck into your body unknowingly. Such protection could come from flower remedies, crystals, Reiki, homeopathic remedies — see the rest of this site for lots of information on this. The bottom line is that the problem originates in your perceptivity to higher planes energies, and if you do not know that, these energies will concentrate in your uterus, eventually producting polyps, myoma, bleedings and the like. Since the problem is on the frequency level higher than pure matter, the solution must be sought in the realms of higher vibrations.

The Moon on 3 Aquarius has just departed the conjunction with its own South Node on 0 Aquarius, which means the origin of the problem is in one of the former incarnations. Most probably, that would not be the previous incarnation, but the one before the previous one. Since the difference in degrees is 3, something that happened in the higher dimensions 3 years ago will be showing today. Usually, that would be some transit in your chart the was “undermining” you for some time now, without you being able to express it verbally.

What Happens After the Ablation?

Let us have a look at the movements of the Moon after the surgery.

the Moon square Mars 18th May 2000 <2
the Moon on Neptune 12 June 2000 <3
the Moon square Jupiter 3rd September 2000 >5
the Moon square Saturn 10th March 2001 <12

The first column shows the aspect of the Moon with a planet, the second shows the date when it would happen in the progression chart, and the third column shows approximately the number of months these events could take place after an actual surgery.

In particular, the Moon square Mars after less than two months after the ablation, shows when the first wounds from the ablation will end healing. The Moon and Neptune date — when will the effects of the anesthesia wear off; the Moon square Jupiter — there should be no more heavy bleeding, and the Moon square Saturn almost a year later, only then will you be sure that there will not be some other delayed and hidden cause of your troubles.

This is just a rough protocol, and you should really take a look into your own chart to see what is going to happen if you decide upon an endometrial ablation. If you knew any astrology, you could compare this chart with your own chart and see whether the majority of aspects is found in your own natal chart, progressed and other charts and transits.