Distant Healing Can Help You Avoid Hysterectomy

Through distant healing it is possible to “send” or “broadcast” the energy to a person which is “not here”. This works regardless of that person being in the same room or anywhere else on this planet (or anywhere else in the universe, for that matter). Here, the methods for sending the healing would be Reiki, crystals, radionics and dowsing, although one could mention prayers, trance, and meditations as well.

A great advantage of distant healing is that energy can be sent continuously. For instance, the patient may have to take the prescribed remedies six times a day, but you cannot be sure whether that will be so. Or, the patient may be physically away, say in the hospital awaiting the surgery, or in coma, or in another town or on another continent… doesn’t matter.

Distant healing spreads in the fourth dimension and reaches its selected goal, just as the planets spread their astral influences in the fourth dimension and reach each and everyone of us through our astral bodies.

The Drawbacks of Distant Healing with Reiki

There is one drawback to all this: you should always ask the recipient to approve of the energy being broadcast to him or her. The only exceptions would be patients in coma, or kids and the like. The problem with unauthorized broadcasting is that you directly influnce the patient’s aura, which is a karmic tie. You may not-knowingly awaken some old karma between you and that person and that rarely comes up to any good. In reality, this is not a limitation: anyone would like to be better, especially when they don’t have to do anything about it.

What Does The Distant Reiki Treatment Look Like?

Once you start a broadcasting session, it will last as long the patient’s body needs the energy, and after that you can stop broadcasting. Broadcast energy works gently, but is noticeable after a while. The symptoms just disappear, and in many cases distant healing is the only kind of healing needed, or is a welcome complementary method. Some treatments even must consist of one set of remedies taken orally and the other set being broadcast at the same time.

Distant Healing Can Help During the Hysterectomy

In case of hysterectomy, the husbands often offer themselves as support but are usually told to leave their woman quiet, do groceries and clean the house for a while. Well, apart from all that, broadcasting energy is an easy way to help your beloved one, just in the way and when it matters.

You can get general healing, Reiki-style, from this very site, if you click on energy pack.
Group Distant Healing

Another way to obtain distant healing is to find a forum whose members can send you the energy. There are many such groups for Reiki, search the following site:


For instance, one such group is Reiki Path, and there are many others. The results of group distant healing can be excellent, at least it seems so from the input and output from these groups. Many members of these groups send the healing silently, that is, when they see that someone asks for the healing, they send it without notifying the list. It is nearly impossible to know how many people do send the healing per one cry for help, so the effects certainly cannot be measured in any scientific way.

In the USA, in certain areas there are groups for distant Reiki healing that work in a direct manner, with and without Internet. There is anecdotal evidence that these groups help, but again, it is not possible to quantify. In any case, if you do have a problem, feel free to visit as many of these sites as you like and ask for Reiki — it may only come for the better.

The largest effort in group distant healing that is publicly known concerns William Rand, one of the most known men of Reiki. He invented Karuna Reiki, and is the head of the Reik.org, a site that has more than 3,000,000 visitors in a few years (yes, Reiki is very popular). When he had heart attack, 5,000 people all over the world were sending him healing and he survived!

You will find that practically every Reiki site offers distant healing. You can also request distant healing directly from Reiki.org, which demonstrates yet another distant healing technique in Reiki. On that page you can see William Rand’s picture through which he is sending Reiki to the viewer, that is, to you. Even by looking at that picture, you are getting Reiki and being healed at the same time!