Endometrial Ablation For Fibroids Video

This is an endometrial ablation for fibroids video, performed on a woman of 350 lbs, with high risk of severe anemia, with a diagnosis of unresponsive menorrhagia. The surgeon is Jose Bolanos, MD.

Menorrhagia stands for “excessive bleeding”, so this woman was not a candidate for a full hysterectomy. She had a fibroid in the uterus, several polyps, and a thickened endometrial tissue, which was the mechanical cause of bleeding.

The method of endometral ablation Mr. Bolanos chose was operative hysteroscopy, the instrument chosen is GyneCare VersaPoint. It is a bipolar cutter instrument and in the video you will be able to clearly see how it “shaves off” the endometrium, leaving the red tissue, soon to be exterminated on the left and with the greyed out, ablated, tissue on the right.

In the end, the surface of the endometrium is literally vaporized. The purpose of the endometrial ablation here was to buy time, to put the patient on oral iron, so that in two or three months her blood count would return to normal.

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