Roller Ball Endometrial Ablation For Endometrial Polyp And Menorrhagia Video

This video features a roller ball endometrial ablation for endometrial polyp and menorrhagia video, performed on a woman 55 of age, with a diagnosis of unresponsive menorrhagia because of the presence of a endometrial polyp. The surgeon is Jose Bolanos, MD.

Menorrhagia stands for “excessive bleeding”, and unresponsive menorrhagia usually leads to a hysterectomy, because the doctors start thinking that nothing can save the day.

The method of endometrial ablation Mr. Bolanos chose was operative hysteroscopy. The endometrial polyp is cut away with a roller ball. Most hysterectomies arise due to unresponsive uterine bleeding, but surgeries such as this help avoid hysterectomy by controlling the possible cause of it.

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