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Stop Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

If there is too much blood during menstruation (the medical term for profuse bleeding is metrorrhagia), life can become unbearable. In some cases, women have heavy menstrual bleedings for ten days in a row! Some women gave up their jobs because they couldn't go out to the street, let alone go to work. If that happens, and especially if such bleedings occur with some regularity, it's high time you concentrated on solving that problem. Go to a gynecologist, to be examined. The doctor will then have something to suggest, ranging from various pills all up to hysterectomy, taking the womb out. Hysterectomy is the surest and most radical way to stop heavy menstrual bleeding, but has such consequences that it should really be the last option, never the first.

Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures

After the 1990's, another idea emerged -- uterine ablation, surgical removal of endometrium. Actually, the procedure is better known as the endometrial ablation instead of uterine ablation (sometimes even called the "uterus ablation"). A large section of this site is devoted to endometrial ablation, so you can go there and see if it is for you right now.

If fibroids are found in your uterus, the surgical way to stop heavy menstrual bleeding will differ. For fibroids, there are myomectomy, uterine fibroid embolization etc. Other uterine problems will lead to their own minimally invasive procedures to stop heavy menstrual bleeding.

Your doctor may also put you on some kind of medication, again, according to the symptoms, the diagnosis, and pharmaceutically available pills.

Alternative Medicine to Stop Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Reiki can help a lot. It promotes both emotional and physical healing at the same time, stops the bleeding, helps wounds heal many times faster than usually, and introduces a state of relaxation for the patient. If you can, find someone to give you Reiki treatments, either in person or via long distance. You can also try numerous Reiki groups out there -- they'll be glad to help.

Classical homeopathy, in hands of a skilled expert, can cure you like nothing else.
The problem is to find such an expert. If there isn't one living "next door" to you, try homeopathic forums. Unfortunately, I've seen some fairly uncreative prescriptions in those forums, which did not lead to a cure. For instance, "you have a bleeding, that must be Phosphorus or Sulphur". The problem with such off-hand prescribing is that you always end with undifferentiated remedies, so that cannot stop heavy menstrual bleeding in each and every case.

If you want to go to forums of any kind, you post a problem and somebody tells you the solution, but before trying it out, ask who they are, what is their experience in treating gynecological problems through homeopathy etc. If someone is willing to help, it doesn't automatically mean that they are able to help you.

In fact, if you do not know what else to do and want results quick, always start your quest for better health with herbal remedies. There are several herbs, such as Achillea Millefolium and Ipecacuanha, that will relatively easily stop heavy menstrual bleeding, buying you time to delve deeper into the roots of your problems in order to heal them completely. Heavy menstrual bleeding is a symptom, not a disease in itself. Its presence shows that your problems run deeper, on psychogical and hormonal levels, so be sure to heal you life when the bleeding stops, or, it will just show up again and again, until your final doom, hysterectomy.

Many herbs are available as homeopathic remedies, and it becomes almost a matter of taste whether to take their energies in one form or another. Note also that in homeopathy there will be many other remedies at your disposal, which are not herbal in origin. Finally, in radionics, you will have access to the exact code of your illness and organs, so that you would be able to diagnose and heal yourself faster that way. Unfortunately, there are slim chances that you will ever get involved in radionics, so that really is not option to stop heavy menstrual bleeding.

There is another method to stop heavy menstrual bleeding, it is Su Jok. If applied properly, you heal within two or three days, and it is as inexpensive as it can be. It is a form of acupuncture on your hands and feet.

Finally, a proper astrological analysis will show the complete circle of energy in your body. It is the only way to tell how long will your health problems last, so if you are serious about healing yourself, see my page about medical astrology. It is a more expensive option, but from that analysis we can also see which method of healing is best under the circumstances. It is also the only way to say whether there is a surgery ahead of you or not!

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