Reiki — The Universal Life Energy Forever with You

Reiki is the “Universal Life Energy”. It was discovered in the 1920’s by Mikao Usui of Japan. Up to 1980, it was hidden, and then it started proliferating throughout the world. Today there are millions of people initiated into it and it seems nothing can stop this trend now.

Being attuned gives you instant access to energy literally whenever you think about it. The energy usually manifests itself as “warm hands”, since the hands of the healer usually warm up quite fast and then radiate heat. Actually, when you take the hands off of the body, this “heat” looks like a breeze of a spring wind — fresh and mild, but definitively there.

How To Get It

You get it through a process of initiation, or more precisely, through an attunement. Being attuned means that your body field, the flow of your energy, is being permanently changed so that you are in contact with this “cloud” of energy out there. Many people like to call this God, higher energy etc. but there really is no need to define it. It is quite sufficient that it exists and that you can link to it.

You get attuned by a Reiki master. Please visit our page on Reiki masters, to learn about what a Reiki master is and how to decide upon one. As far as the attunements are concerned, please visit the page on Reiki attunements, to see where you can get them, mostly over the Internet.

How Reiki Manifests Itself

Although the most common manifestation of Reiki being transmitted is warm hands, it need not always be the case. Sometimes the therapeut will not feel anything, while the recipient feels the energy as very hot, and sometimes none of the participants feels anything. It is very similar with attunements. Sometimes, the person being attuned will feel it strongly. Re-occurences of past lives may also happen. Sometimes, just nothing happens — and all of it is OK. The fact that the energy is not being felt, does not mean it was not trasferred — probably it was transmitted at higher levels that we can feel.

What Can You Send Reiki To

You may give Reiki to yourself or to others. With Level II, you will be able to transcend space and time, i.e. to send it to the people who are not with you. Attunements can also be done long distance. Once you are initiated, it is only your intent that matters: with Reiki, energy follows your thought. If you send it to your womb or ovaries for example, that organ will feel it and benefit from it. You can also send it to a situation, wish or an affirmation. An example of such a wish could be:

“I am sending this energy to heal my womb.” or

“I am sending Reiki to avoid hysterectomy”

or whatever.

You can send Reiki to parts of body, mind, mental or emotional states, as well as different circumstances.

Types of Reiki Treatments

How you experience Reiki will depend on whether were you initiated into it or not.

If you were initiated, here’s how you can give treatment to yourself:

1) By laying down hands on you body, in positions that you can reach effectively.

2) In addition to that, Level II practitioners can send the energy to the parts of their body that cannot be reached through hand positions.

3) With Level II, you can send it to the future or to the past, and thus try to influence the present. You cannot change “the fate of the world”, but you can rectify and transmute your own feelings and mental states you were in sometimes.

There are two other types of Reiki treatments:

4) The classic Reiki treatment, that is, a Reiki practitioner meets you and transmits the energy by laying hands on your body. Ssee the video Basic Hand Positions of Reiki.

5) Long distance Reiki treatment (sometimes referred to as healing in absentia). You can be here and the Reiki practitioner in any other part of the world, and yet, the energy will reach you in the predefined place and time.

Reiki is Intelligent Energy

Reiki is an intelligent energy, it has its own free will to an extent and will often go straight to the root of the problem, wherever that may be. That is why you cannot say to yourself:

“OK, I will initiate myself into Reiki and it will heal me from cancer, or fibroids of uterus, or cysts or what have you.”

The more Reiki you get the better, and all it will heal you somewhere and somehow, but you do not have the ultimate control. It does not make sense to say,

“Here we go, buy 10 sessions of Reiki from me and I will cure you from ____”.

The more detached the therapeut is, the better the results will be. Reiki will always heal, but it may not be what you wanted cured at that time!

Reiki Excels with Wounds and Surgeries

Reiki is especially efficient with wounds. It will stop bleading and make the wound go away, often quite quickly. It is an excellent tool for the post operational period, when you have a wound by definition. Many hospitals in America are experimenting with Reiki, finding it quite useful. If you can let the patient go away within two days instead of former nine or ten, everyone benefits: the patient, the hospital and the whole health system.

If you must have hysterectomy, arm yourself with Reiki first. Instead of waiting long hours in the hospital for a nurse to come and get you a remedy for pain, give yourself Reiki. The wound will heal faster, without blood, there will be less and less pain. Who will better contribute to your health than you yourself?

Too Good to Be True?

Does all this sound miraculous? It often is. Looks like magic? At first yes, but it really isn’t, since Reiki is not your own energy, you’re just transmiting it.

Still, the most wonderful thing about Reiki is that you do not need to know the diagnosis nor the true nature of the patient’s problem. You just apply Reiki and it does the rest.

Some Drawbacks of Reiki

Reiki does have its drawbacks. When you give it to someone, you are paying it with your own most precious asset — time. Unless you are a professional, you will want to limit yourself to delivering your services to only the members of your family. Ultimately, you should treat yourself every day for half an hour, up to an hour or a bit more.

The main problem of Reiki is that it is a weak and non-specific energy. We can compare it to a horizontal, broadband energy wave. If you receive it long enough, any problem that you may have could be cured, but how practical is that? For cancer, you should receive it for five or six hours each day — very few people can afford that either in terms of money or in terms of available time.

Using Reiki to Prevent Hysterectomy

Whatever is your current state of health, it can be better by regularly treating yourself. Try to do that at least one hour a day. There are a dozen or so “basic” hand placements, do each for 3 to 5 minutes a day and that will fill this hour devoted to Reiki. Do not skip positions, even if at first glance there seems to be no way of connecting that part of the body with gynecological problems. Just transmit the energy and remember that giving Reiki should always be an exercise in non-attachment. You state your intentions in a round-about way, through choosing the kind of Reiki to work with, the symbols to envoke etc.

The worst misuse of Reiki would be putting the hands on the sex organs only, as that is where the doctors told you the problem was. On the other hand, feel free to keep the hands longer on the part of the body where the energy flows stronger. Continue to keep the hands in a position as long as there is some energy flow, but when it stops, move to the next position. Do not stop the treatment until you visit all the standard hand positions on the body.

Reiki and the Members of Your Family

Better still, try to spark interest for Reiki in your spouse and other members of the family. It would be much better for you if they could give you treatments on a regular basis. This would be especially important if some kind of physical intervention or surgical operation is in order. It seems a fact now that patients that are “filled up” with Reiki before, during and after an operation, take it much easier, and have their wounds healed much faster in comparison to patients with no Reiki.

Members of your family can send you Reiki long distance. In classical Usui Reiki, it would require the second degree initiation, while in other healing systems, such ability usually comes integrated right from the beginning.