Reiki Healing in Gynecology

We sometimes tend to think of Reiki as of unspecific energy, kind of a broad wave that engulfs and permeats all levels of one’s being and thus, works in the fundamentals — slowly. But here are the links to several concrete examples how Reiki can be the only type of energy needed for healing cancer, nods in the breasts, heavy bleedings, cervical problems and so on.

This page will just contain links and short stories of Reiki healings in gynecology. The examples are from the most visited site on Reiki in the entire Internet,

Reiki and Uterine Cancer
A woman with distended lower abdomen, a scan showing a large tumor in the uterus, probably cancerous. She was scheduled for the operation and in the mean time she was give three Reiki treatments one hour long, by a three Reiki practitioners at the same time. When she went to the hospital, no tumor could be found.

Reiki and Uterine Fibroids
This woman started feeling extreme pain upon ovulation and during menstruation. The discomfort during the cycle became unbearable and the pain progressed. The doctors found a uterine fibroid tumor and suggested taking Lupron for two months, then to perform a surgery. She was given two months to take care of the fibroids, otherwise, the doctors would operate upon her. She then started an intensive campaign at self-healing, using Reiki, traditional massage, rhythmical massage, acupressure and cranial sacral therapy, reflexology, homeopathy, chiropractic, castor oil packs, progest cream, prayers. She also changed her diet.

After two months, the fibroid was gone — yet another nice Reiki healing in gynecology!

Reiki and Cancer
This woman was diagnosed with ovarian/paratonilee cancer. After a surgery, with two chemo therapies, she was given 6-9 months of life. Here comes Reiki healing in gynecology to rescue! After two Reiki treatments, she was convinced that there were no more cancer cells in her body, and that is exactly what the doctors confirmed. She had no need for further chemos.

Polyps Healed
After a scan, this woman had a number of polyps in her womb area. Reiki cleared them away before the surgery. Later, she had a surgery for polyps in the nose, and Reiki again helped her feel better right after the surgery.

Cervical Polyps Healed
This woman had six polyps around the cervix. She Reikied herself daily throughout three months and on the next exam, only one tiny polyp was found.

Reiki Healing for Cancer
Here’s yet another example of Reiki healing in gynecology. This woman had cancer and one ovary was removed. Her family gave her Reiki for 1 to 1 1/2 hours every day, until the doctors found no cancer in her body anymore.

Reiki Heals Fibroids
This woman had fibroids in her uterus as big as an orange plus other smaller ones causing her uterus to grow and cause very painful periods. She already had Reiki One and was attending some courses on Reiki — lots of healers then offered her distant healing. She of course did her own Reiki healing on herself. A month and a half later, when trying to fix the date for the surgery, the doctors found only a small fibroid, and the uterus was normal. She also asked Archangel Raphael to take part in the healing.

Recovering After Surgery
A woman who had hysterectomy is recovering better and faster and with almost no pain after the surgery, beacuse she was given Reiki both before and after the surgery.

Reiki Heals
This woman had had a complete hysterectomy, followed by eight surgeries. Then she was diagnosed with stomach hernia; she gave herself Reiki and hernia disappeared. Her father had a stroke, almost died in the hospital, then had surgery to remove a blood clot. Doctors said he would never use his left part of the brain; his two daughters give him Reiki continually, and he recovered completely.

Reiki Heals Cysts
In this case ovarian cysts shrank dramatically in only a couple of weeks, due to only one Reiki treatment.

Uteral Malignancy Healed
This woman had malignancy in the uterues diagnosed and confirmed. She was given two Reiki treatments hand-on, and for the whole month, she was being sent Reiki healing. The healer also asked Archangel Raphael to heal her. After a month, where the lump was a small scar was found, no malignancy at all. Talk about Reiki healing in gynecology!?

Ovarian Cyst Disappears
Psoriasis disappears after the first Reiki treatment, and the 5 mm long ovarian cyst disappears after the second Reiki treatment.