Reiki Distance Healing Can Influence Your Destiny

With Reiki distance healing we understand how Reiki is Universal Life Energy and that it really is not from this three-dimensional world. Its origins escape us but we can use it, transmit it and heal with it. In 4D, there is no space and time, just light and energy; everything is simultaneous. Therefore, Reiki can be directed through space and time, and the intention is all that is needed, once one is initiated (attuned) into Reiki.

A First Hand Experience of a Three Day Long Reiki Distance Healing Session

This lady has asked for distant healing because of the migraines she has for more than 15 years by now. She also had digestive problems in the past (transiting Saturn over her planets in Cancer up to July 2005), while now she is more experiencing heart problems (Saturn is over her planets in Leo, and will continue to be so up to summer 2006).

Here is how I sent her energy and what she experienced. Please note that her health problems did not disappear overnight because of distant healing, but that — seemingly unconnected — she reached an important business decision at this time.

Day 1 You have requested your free healing session for 11 am. I have sent you the energy, for 30 minutes as promised, but failed to contact you beforehand. I understand that you may have not been able to prepare yourself for receiving the energy without my notification, so if you agree, I’ll send the three promised energy sessions starting with tomorrow, Sept 13th 2005. Let this first but unannounced session be my gift to you with the wishes for your fast healing overall!

Hi Dusko, Thanks for sending the first session. I will be better prepared for tomorrow and the two following days. Thanks a lot for the energy healing.

Day 2 For the next distant healing session, I’ll use Run Valdr, a version of Reiki with a Runic flavour. This is my plan, but within the session anything can happen so we’ll see which kind of energy will we end up with.

This morning I received the reiki energy you sent. I felt calm. Thanks a lot.

Day 3 For this day I was sending Shamballa Reiki and Full Spectrum Healing.

Hi Dusko, I received the energy you sent all right, although this time it was a little more difficult to feel it.

Day 4 This day I was sending Ascended Masters Reiki (which is practically the same as Karuna Reiki).

Your last energy-sending session gave me a calm feeling like the first one. Feeling calm is something that I treasure a lot.

Hope I didn’t burden you too much with my problems. I never explain my health problems to anyone anymore. In a way it was weird that all of a sudden I felt confident to say something about them.

Thanks again for the energy sessions. These days I made the decision to delete my website and begin with a completely different subject. The old subject was taking too much energy I don’t have now.

The Three Symbols of Reiki Level II

Technically, in Second Degree od Usui Reiki (the classical Reiki that almost everyone starts out with), you get three symbols:

— the power symbol,

— the mental/emotional symbol, and

— the distant healing symbol.

These symbols are also known as the first, second, and the third symbol of Reiki. It is through this third symbol that you actually get the ability to send Reiki through time and space. More Reiki means better healing, and it need not only be directed towards the patients, it is possible to send Reiki to situations and affirmations. Reiki then works it all out, towards the best possible outcome for all. The “best possible” outcome may not be exactly the one that you have imagined beforhand, so don’t use Reiki in this way if you are not thoroughly prepared.

How to Send Reiki Distance Healing

Intent is the only thing that matters. You can send Reiki mentally, entirely without any “witness” or representant of the person that you send Reiki to. So, envoke the third symbol, fix the intent in your mind, and start sending Reiki. You may use the following affirmation:

I will send Reiki to avoid hysterectomy, if that is for my highest good.

Technically speaking, the third symbol is the only one needed, but it is only natural to back it up with the first symbol, then make it penetrate all the levels of reality with the fourth symbol, to finally balance all the issues with the second symbol.

Proxies for Reiki Distance Healing

Most people still need some kind of material object to represent the person to whom Reiki is directed. Here are some variations for Reiki distance healing:

— Imagine the person is small and right on your palms. Then send Reiki to the palms.

— If you are sitting, imagine the front of the person to be on the upper part of your right leg, from calf to knee, and the back of the person to be the same on the left leg. You then move hands in “positions” and send Reiki in that way. A hand on the right knee is sending to the face, the hand on the left knee is sending to the back of the skull etc. You can even send Reiki with your right hand in this way while driving (not really recommended, but sometimes can come handy).

— Take a bottle of water and imagine it represents the person. Then give Reiki to the bottle and the energy will reach the person allright. (Ideally, the person should drink that water afterwards, but that is usually impossible, since he or she is far away.)

— Put the picture (a photograph) of the person between the palms, bring them together and emit Reiki. (In the first days of Reiki in Japan, around 1920’s, this method was reserved only for the reach people, who could have afforded to have their own photographs.)

— You can do Reiki distance healing by moving hands into positions for self-treatment on your own body, with the intent of Reiki going to the remote person. There is one flavour of Reiki, called Imara Reiki, in which the only way to send Reiki distance healing is through placing your hands on yourself. (Although seemingly confined at the first glance, in Imara Reiki you still can send to several persons simultaneously, also you can send to Reiki stacks etc.)

— The most usual approach for Reiki distance healing is directing it to the substitute such as a doll or a teady bear. You move hands into positions just as if the patient is in front of you, only the he isn’t, it’s teady bear’s neck that you are touching now.

— Another widely used approach for Reiki distance healing is to write something about the person that will receive Reiki on a piece of paper. It can be anything that describes the patient in sufficient detail: the name, date of birth, the place of birth, the hour and minite of birth if known, the relationship between you and the patient (my husband, my son, my mother-in-law) etc. On the paper you could also write the place where the patient is during the distant healing, as well as the time when he or she will receive it.

Reiki box. Those pieces of paper you may put in a box and then you can send Reiki to that box. Each person described on the pieces of paper in the box will receive it as if he or she were the only person that you were sending Reiki to!

Permanent Reiki Distance Healing

Reiki distance healing depends on the “Will and the Word” of the Reiki therapeut. As long as he or she is concentrated (the “Will”) on the intent of transmitting and repeating the name of a Reiki symbol (the “Word”), the energy will flow. Obviously, it happens in real time and the Reiki channel may be or may not be able to do it exactly when the patients need it. The way to achieve the permanency of Reiki distance healing is to charge a suitable carrier with the energy and then let it transmit as long as it can.

Crystals. You can charge crystals with Reiki and put them on the picture of the patient. The crystal should be able to hold Reiki energy for some 48 hours, and then you would have to charge it again.

Crystal grids. You would take not only one crystal but a whole bunch of them and rearrange them around the main crystal with the picture or a written affirmation beneath. You can use several crystal grids for several patients. (Crystal grids are a large topic in themselves.)

Crystals in the Reiki box. The box is full of crystals, which can considerably enhance the power of transmitted Reiki.

— Another tool for distant healing is radionics. You can use Reiki over a radionics device and thus enhance the power of the sending ray.

— You can use crystals with radionics and Reiki. This is an extremely powerful way of distant healing, but very rarely used since most people do not know anything about distant healing with crystals and Reiki, while radionics is practically unknown.

— If you have an orgone device, you can use it for even stronger distant healing. An orgone device is a storage of energy and any radionics device near it will have a stronger impact. Radionics is the right impuls, but orgone is the power of that impulse in the material world.

There is much more to this subject of distant healing in general and Reiki distance healing in particular!

The Permission to Send and Receive Reiki Distance Healing

Reiki is Universal Love and there are Reiki Masters who just take it as an excuse to perform Reiki distance healing to whomever and whenever. Without an explicit permission from the receiver, distant healing is a direct breach of the receiver’s Karma and will have grave consequences for the channeler. However, it may be permissible in specific situations. Even when the receiver is in coma, or if it is an infant unable to articulate words, you should ask the receiver’s Higher Self whether it would like to receive the energy or not.

To pose the question, you may link yourself with that Higher Self through the third symbol of Reiki Level II and ask for the permission; you may use a pendulum just as well. It really depends on your other extrasensory abilities, intuition, karmic ties etc. etc.

If you are not sure but still feel compelled to send Reiki, you can use a more general affirmation such as:

I am sending Reiki energy for the highest good of this person

and let the Universe handle the rest.

Some “healings” can be so strong that the receiving person wants to go to sleep, the blood pressure can go down and the like. It can be very dangerous when one is driving as well as in other life situations, so sending unsolicited Reiki distance healing can be a true attack rather than a healing. In that situation, you would actually act as a black mage, in spite of Reiki being Universal, Loving energy and all that. Beware! At least, it would mean a creation of new karma, and at the worse, all the unsolicited energy could be returned to you, which you would see as an illness or worse.

Time and Space Requirements for Reiki Distance Healing

If there is an explicit permission, you should also agree about the time and place the recipient would like to be at when the transmission starts. Reiki transcends time so you can channel energy when you want, say 9AM in your time zone and designate that the energy is received in 10PM in the recepient’s own time zone. If you are sending Reiki via the pieces of paper or through a Reiki box, on each piece of paper should be written local time, local timezone, and the place in which the recepient will be to receive the energy. In this way, the recepient will be able to cast aside his or her other worldy obligations and sit or lie down, eventually meditate, and enter a submissive mode to receive the energy in a most powerful way. The sensations when receiving the energy range from strong to almost minuscule, and each session will be different.

If the recipient cannot enter the meditative state, he or she will still receive the energy but the finer sensations may be lost. Still, the energy will act and, hopefully, heal. In rare cases, the recipient will not feel anything no matter how hard they be relaxed and submissive. If the sender has really sent the energy, we should still take this for a healing but in some higher part of the energy body than the material body.

If we know that the recepient is sleeping, it is better not to send the energy then to send it. However, it is OK to continue with the treatment if he or she fell asleep because of the treatment.

One alternative affirmation if the time cannot be predefined precisely, could be:

to receive it in any suitable time for him/her.

Reiki Distance Healing for the Future

Tomorrow is an important business meeting for you? An appointment with the gynecologist? Or the surgery itself, such as endometrial ablation, hysterectomy, laparoscopy, arterial embolisation…? With the third Reiki symbol, you can direct energy to the event itself, asking for the best possible outcome (under the circumstances).

Or is it the fibroids, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), heavy and prolongued bleeding, irregular menstruation…? Direct Reiki distance healing towards the finding and executing the possible solution for the problem, always “for your highest good”, and then do as the circumstances dictate. With Reiki, you would concentrate the energy where it wasn’t present before, and it would seem that a seemingly unrelated sequence of events suddenly finds you. Since the Universe cannot tell you exactly its message, you would have to listen to tidbits here and there and connect them into a whole. For instance, while idly surfing, suddenly you see a new site where it wasn’t before, or it may be an accidentally overheard conversation on the ride home, or some news in the newspapers that you do not normally read… whatever.

The point is: after sending Reiki, be vigilant for these small events and connect them into a puzzle that will answer you affirmation, goal or prayer: a new doctor in town, a new surgical procedure invented somewhere entirely else, or simply, doing nothing, stopping going the wrong way.

Reiki Distance Healing for the Past

You can also send Reiki distance healing to the past. You cannot change the past, but you can change your internal view of the past events. For instance, when you heard that somebody close to you had an accident, or died or suddenly left in any other way, your body is in the state of shock. The organ with the largest quantity of blood in that moment will store and remember the shock, thus becoming wulnerable in the future. With Reiki, you can drive such emotions in the open, out of the body, and thus make yourself healthier in the future.

If you are giving Reiki through a series of treatments, either long distance or hands on, you can start directing Reiki distance healing towards the past of the illness. For instance, send Reiki

to the moment of the starting of this disease or

to the moment when the first symptoms broke out etc.

If there is time and good will, you can go further to the past with this. For very important persons, such as your own children, you can go back one year per session. You can even go back to the period of birth, then to each month of pregnancy and it will all help with the present situation.

Clearing Karma with Reiki Distance Healing

One of the important ramifications of all this is that children can be better healed by healing the relationship between the mother and the father, particularly during the pregnancy. If you see in the natal chart a square or opposition between the Sun and the Moon, then it is practically mandatory to erase the problems that preceded the birth, or the child will not grow as it should. If the positions of the Sun and Moon are tied to Moon Nodes and/or the fourth house, it will mean strong karmic influences, or as they say in homeopathy, strong miasms. (Other expressions for this would be thougthforms, entities, energy vampires etc.) Reiki distance healing directed to the past occurences is our best means of clearing karma.

In homeopathic terms, the sycotic miasm (remedies such as Thuja and Medorrhinum) governs most gynecological problems, such as fibroids, condylomes, warts, etc. A homeopathic remedy can neutralise a miasm, but often shall we find that above that layer of illness, there is yet another level of illness and the patient goes round and round in a vicious circle. With Reiki we gain a chance to actually heal the root of the illness in the past, where it actually belongs.

Other Kinds of Reiki for Distance Healing

Here we are talking about the classical Usui Reki, which is based on the four symbols. There are other kinds of Reiki in which symbols do not exist at all. One such Reiki is Kundalini Reiki, channelled by Ole Gabrielsen, and there are many others (Full Spectrum Healing, Gold Reiki etc.) (One peculiarity of Kundalini Reiki is that with it you also get, among others, a kind of Reiki to erase your karma.) In these flavours of Reiki, you perform distance healing simply by putting the palms together and stating a wish and channeling Reiki.

Expect Nothing, Gain Everything

What should be expected from Reiki distance healing sessions, or for that matter, from any healing session with Reiki!? The answer is one and only and always the same: nothing. Yes, expect nothing: Reiki is neither my or your energy, it is from somewhere else. We transmit it and receive it and it heals, but exactly what and on which level, we cannot know.

There are plenty of examples of imminent and radical healings through Reiki, otherwise nobody would care. Still, it may heal on some deeper level, up to karmic levels of which we do not know nothing in the material world. Many Reiki healings are on the emotional plane, and we simply cannot measure it. We see that the patient is beter overall, but the better he or she is, the more easier will it be to wave away the positive effects of the Reiki treatment, be it hands on or through a distance healing. Reiki is best approached in a somewhat detached manner, for both the therapist and the client. It is not always the best approach towards the paying customer, who would demand a tangible value for their money. But that is Reiki, useful in this world, but also sure not to originate out of this world.

Experience Reiki Distance Healing for Yourself and for Free!

If you want, you can experience receiving Reiki distance healing for yourself right from this site! for free and with no strings attached. This is just a sample of what can be done through distant healing — a real healing would take at least ten sessions or more, depending on what you needed Reiki distance healing for in the first place.