Reiki Master

You do not learn Reiki, you get initiated into it by a Reiki master, a person who has already passed through three or four Reiki attunements. (The exact number of attunements varies from school to school.) With each level of attunement you gain more access to the energy, and at the fourth level you become so strong that you can alter other peoples’ energy bodies. A Reiki master is just that — someone who has been initiated “so much” that he or she can open the access to Reiki within others.

There are no special outward signs that someone is a Reiki master. You may sit in the room with ten Reiki masters and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. They are just people like everybody else, except that they have access to Reiki and pretty strongly at that.

The word “strongly” is not really precise here. Initiations to further levels of Reiki seem to widen the channel to Reiki so that more energy may pass through in a unit of time. The patient gets more energy and the hands of Reiki masters do seem to be hotter compared to the Level I practitioner. (It just seems so, because in Reiki, it is the patient that draws the energy through the therapist, not the other way around.) If you were clairvoyant, you would have a different picture of a Reiki master. Through the initiations, his aura has become so large that it may stretch for several meters around, and more sensitive persons can feel it.

Old Masters and Healers

In older days, great healers had apprentices and Reiki was no exception. Since there are four levels, they were customarily dispersed a year or more apart. Once you were initiated into Reiki I, you would be an apprentice for at least a year; if you were any good, the prize, the attunement to the next level of Reiki, might just be yours (if the Master decided so). Healers of old learned through osmosis from their masters, and some of this respect is still transposed to the title of “Reiki Master”.

Mikao Usui, the first Reiki Master, received the access to this energy after fasting for 21 days at Mt. Kotoyama in Japan. He was initiated by a cloud of energy, and later he initiated others. There were about 2,000 of Usui’s pupils and several of them were raised to the level of “Reiki Master”. To cut the long story short, from 1946 to 1979 practically the only Reiki Master at the whole planet was one tiny woman from Hawaii, known by the name of Hawayu Takata.

In 1979 and 1980, a year before her death, Takata initiated 23 people into the rank of Master, which meant that all of a sudden, there were 23 people ready to teach others.

Back in 1940’s, Takata was forced to sell her house and to obtain 10,000 dollars to get her master initiatiation. She set the price and that structure remained for almost two decades after her death. This price seems unbelieable now, but there were no shortage of prospects, who could easily organize another course and make a fortune with several 10,000 customers right away.

Then, with the penetration of Internet, a greater number of people could be introduced to Reiki, and since the ability to send Reiki long distance was available from the very start, the price soon dropped. Today, there are sites that offer all levels of Reiki in one day, long distance, and there are many Yahoo groups in which you get just ask for an initiation into Reiki and get it totally for free. The times have changed, indeed!

Nobody knows for sure, but the number of people initiated into some level of Reiki is reckoned to be 20-30 million people now, the number of Reiki masters going to hundreds of thousands. These numbers will just rise and seems like nothing can stop this trend now. Considering all the advantages of Reiki, that is not surprising. Say, you went to a park and your child fell and started to cry. What then!? Simple. If you are initiated into Reiki, just think of it, put your hands around the burning place and the energy will flow; within seconds, or in a minute or two, the child will stop crying and the whole event will be forgotten as if it never happened…


It is possible to get attuned via long distance and there are commercial sites specialized for that. You should get a manual for each attunement, as well as the lineage and a certificate. Without the manual you would have no idea what the attunement was about. There can be wild differences beetwen this or that kind of Reiki. For instance, in Violet Flame Reiki, you are attuned to some 40 symbols and without the manual you would have no idea of their names, what the symbols look like or how to precisely draw them. (Actually, even with the manual, there are several symbols in VFR that nobody knows anything about.)

In Celtic Reiki you can make words out of the basic symbols and in Run Valdr, you can also make words, this time out of runes. With only the attunement and without the manual, you would have no idea of such possibilities.

The Importance ot Lineage

Lineage is the line from the originator of the system to the master that will attune you. For classical Reiki, the originator is Mikao Usui, then Hayashi, then Takata, then one of those 23 people that Takata initiated and so on. For other Reiki systems, the lineage can be very short, for instance, in systems invented by Ole Gabrielsen, he would be the first in the line. If you purchased the attunement directly from him, your lineage would be the shortest possible.

If you want to apply Reiki only to you, to the members of your family and friends, then the certificate is not really important. There are, however, people who find themselves drawn to a career in Reiki as a teacher and/or healer, and for them the certificate really is a necessity. There are now 5,000 Reiki practitioners in the UK alone; some of them being admitted to the state hospitals, so it is has become a true profession. If you get initiated by a live and present person, by all means, make her give you a signed certificate and her lineage. For long distance attunements, the documentation comes over the email and so the certificate is almost never signed by a real person. Again, this will be quite acceptable unless you wanted to make a career of it, that it, Ole would be the first on the list and you would be the second. When you initiate someone else, they would be the third in the lineage and so on.

Courses and Retreats

Reiki masters often organize courses and if you can attend them, it may be a valuable source of experience. This often comes at a price, since you would often have to pay for various other costs — transportation, lodging etc. Some masters organize retreats, which is a variation on the theme of weekend courses. Reiki masters will often have their own sites and you would be able to book in advance through them.

Shop Around For Your Next Reiki Master

If you will attend a course, that is, a live event, you will spend some time with your Reiki master and teacher. There are many Reiki masters now, so shop around, you are not confined to the first master that you happen to run into. Reiki master or not, if you don’t like his or her personality, don’t bother to pay them for the opportunity to quarrel with them. In severe cases, the master will expel the rebel from the group, which does no good to anybody.

Advantages of Becoming a Reki Master

Your Reiki capabilities soar with this attunement. Now you can help yourself and the others in a much more efficient way. The treatments can be shorter with the same effects as before, or, they can become (much) more effective. You feel the energies clearly and sometimes, overwhelmingly (depending on the patient’s needs). Conducting Reiki energy can be such a joy! In the inner plane, you will never be quite the same. Your intuitive and psychic capabilities will grow, although that may not be apparent from the very start. Consider it a large step towards self-improvement and “self-betterment”.

The main advantage of attunements is that they raise your overall frequency, which would be a numerical way of stating where you are in the course of merging your 3D reality with higher realms. You can measure the frequency by pendulum: simply take it in the hand and count how many movements it makes until it stops. You can use it the same way to measure somebody else’s frequency.

When I started doing this, my frequency was, say, 135, and my Reiki Master’s was, say, 350. After she attuned me to Level IV, and many other my attunements after that, within a year I was at about 350 myself (boy, was I proud that day!).

Just to illustrate, Arsen Dedic, who is one of the most famous song writers and singers in the former Yugoslavia, has frequncy at about 1500; three years ago he even survived seven operations of liver transplantations… high frequency does have its advantages in the 3D world!

I once tried to determine Sai Baba’s frequncy, and it was way up, say more than 4500 or 5000 — certainly much more than most people on this planet.

If somebody has a negative frequency (the pendulum going in the negative direction), you either heal him or her, or cut away all the connections with that person, in order not to get contaminated or sucked up.

The problem with these frequences is that they are subjective, all these numbers are just on my own scale; somebody else’s scale should have the same relative order, but the numbers may be different. If you want to use pendulum in this way, you will have to do it all by yourself and it does become tedious, after a while.

Would Becoming a Reiki Master Help You Avoid Hysterectomy?

Takata, whose origins were half-Japanese, went to Tokyo to be healed from the tumor in the stomach. She already was on the operating room table waiting for the surgery, when she heard a voice telling her that something better should be found. She walked away from the surgery theatre, and asked what else is available. She was pointed to Mr. Hayashi’s hospital, and she started treatments over there. The treatments consisted of two Reiki healers treating he simultaneously for one hour. After seven months of this treatment, she was healthy and no tumor was in sight. That happened in 1935, and she lived for 45 more years. That is how she got interested in Reiki in the first place — Reiki healed her!

It must have been written in her horoscope somewhere that being a Reiki healer would be natural and healthy way of living for her. How does that apply to you, though? It is unrealistical that you must become a master healer of the world in order to avoid hysterectomy. But, advancing in Reiki levels would have the following distinct advantages:

— you could heal yourself better,

— you could others better

— let us not forget that whenever you heal others with Reiki, the transmitted energy simultanously heals you just as well.

— if the members of your family or your friends are initiated into Reiki they could heal you in return. If you were a Reiki master, you could initiate them into Reiki I and enable them to heal you. Notice that Takata was healed by two Reiki healers. The more healers the better for you, so if there are more members of your family and/or friends initiated into Reiki, they could treat you and you’d be much better off.

— If you do have a surgery, you can heal yourself while in bed. This would eliminate the all too often feeling of being a burden to others as well as the feeling of helplessness.

You or someone living with you gets Reiki, the others get Reiki and then they heal you. One hour a day would be a giant step for you, and if you could get more, then so much the better!

Now, with Reiki there is no guarantee that you will be healed from the present symptoms, at least not in a session or two. Make it a daily routine; they love you anyway, but why not let love heal you now that you need it so much!?

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