Reiki Attunement, What Is It, How To Buy It

When buying a Reiki attunement over the Internet, you can get scammed. There is no way to know whether the “master” sent you an attunement, so buy only at the most reputable sites. You may or may not be able to feel or sense the attunement, so you will not really know whether you are attuned or not. Of course, if you are and provided you followed the instructions in the manual, you should be able to feel the energy, and the same goes for your patients. After you get a few attunements, you will know naturally whether the attunement was sent or not.

For such a non-tangible goods such as attunement, there is no sense offering a guarantee nor asking for a refund, so buyer beware!

For best effect, make “an appointment” with yourself at the time the attunement is to arrive, sit or lay down, and make sure that nothing interrupts you. You can talk on the phone while the attunement is going on, but you will just miss the experience.

Where To Buy A Professionally Executed Reiki Attunement

However, when I want to buy a new attunement, I go to The owner, Victor Glanckopf, has over 1000 workshops and attunements, with prices ranging from $45 to several hundreds of dollars. You can always know that his attunements have arrived, no scam there. He is the founder of about one third of all attunements and workshops that he sells.

Attunements Junkies

There are now many “Internet attunements junkies”, people who turned initiating themselves into a New Age hobby. Receiving a Reiki attunement usually is quite pleasant, you almost fall asleep (sometimes that is exactly what happens), and/or reach a trance-like or meditative state of the mind. Can be very relaxing, but also can evoke some long-forgotten pain, headache etc. Please be sure to not drive while receiving a long distance attunement, or at least pull over.

Sending a Reiki attunement can also be a kind of attack, so you will be able to tell a reputable Reiki master by reading the policy of his site. If he says that he does not send unsolicited attunements, read on, since that is a step towards a true professionalism. To get a free Reiki attunement, become a member of the Reiki Path group at, or search through other Yahoo Groups.

Master Symbols

As far as healing is concerned, Reiki Level II will enable some significant healings to be done. Many people just stay on that level and that functions perfectly. In Level III, you get another symbol, which permeats all energy levels of you physical and non-phycial bodies with Reiki, while in the fourth level, you get another symbol, called the master symbol. In types of Reiki that have symbols, one of them will be the master symbol, used to widden up your energy channels so that Reiki can come. In other types of Reiki, there may be no symbols at all, so this kind of thinking is not applicable.

Reiki Without Symbols

In the last several years, Ole Gabrielsen pioneered Reiki-like energies without symbols. In most of them, the division into three levels still exists, but on the third level you gain the ability to initiate someone just by ordering it mentally or aloud. For this to be a true attunement and not an attack, the person that should be initiated should have given his or her permission in advance. This is how it is possible to make a business out of attunements: you need only a few seconds to activate the attunement, while for the receiving party it takes 7, 23, 40 or more minutes to absorb the attunement.

All this makes the role of a traditional Reiki master even less significant then it was before. However, if you do have a chance to devote a weekend to a Reiki course near you, do so, it may be just one of those events that may change you life.

Making a Reiki Attunement of Your Own

There are attunements and downloadable energies that are not Reiki in the sense that you cannot pass them on, but they may be simpler to use.