If You Have Hysterectomy, You Won’t Have Children

What to do if you do not have children in a Christian marriage with the man you love and the doctor wants you to do CA-125 test for cancer!? And if nothing helps, after eight years of marital infertility, you get the feeling that there is a hysterectomy ahead of you!? eTrish has several blogs, one personal and the other devoted to her own infertility, so if you are in a similar situation, you might like to read them. She approaches her problem from a Christian point of view and it really is hard to understand that if God likes her so much, then why would she be barren!?

On this site, although it is about avoiding hysterectomy, there is a strong section on marital infertility. Quite simply, the ladies asked me and I have answered what would have I suggested to them from the point of view of medical astrology and energy healing. Here are the links of interest:

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