Why Have Hysterectomy If You Are Healthy!?

What I find fascinating about the World Wide Web is the opportunity to “meet” other people and their destinies. In this case, Mary has got a smear test saying that she has cancer, and a few weeks later, she got another result, stating that she does not have cancer at all. That, however, did not bother her OBGYN, who blandly told her she now must have a hysterectomy. Here is her reaction:

I had to ask. If I have no cancer why would you put me at risk for major surgery for no reason? H was speechless for a moment, then stuttered slightly and said it was the hospital’s standard treatment. Then his mind was back in gear and he said that was down the road and we could talk about the risks involved with surgery versus having to get repeat paps and biopsies for years.

I have to wonder if there is a quota system for hysterectomies. Is there some national population control effort to give hysterectomies to healthy women? I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but why?

This is exactly how it sounds to me, by the way, except that I can, through medical astrology, tell in advance whether the thing will really develop towards cancer or not. (You would expect the learned doctors to be able to do that, but no, all they operate is based on the actual findings such as smears, Pap tests etc.)

Here is my comment on Mary’s blog:


I have read the newer parts of your blog with great interest and I have skimmed through the older parts as well. Yours is a classic story of what happens to the women in the USA. They start having certain gynecological problems and then “down the road” as your doctor has put it, they offer you a hysterectomy. They try to talk you into it, although in majority of cases, there is no real reason to do that. Indeed, if there is no cancer in sight, and you are otherwise healthy, why butcher your own body and expressly, at that?

Mary, there is a long road in front of you, but you have done what is actually needed: you have changed your life, starting with what you eat. That is the most important part of the equation, and now you need to find a modus of alternative treatment that you can apply on yourself, eventually, with low costs involved, and neither should you stop there. The more alternative treatments that you have in your disposal, the better. So, more learning is in order, and then you need to incorporate all that into your everyday life. But all of that is better than being cut for no reason at all!

I wish you all the best and I’ll try return to your blog within a few weeks to see what happens to you next.

Sincerely, Dusko Savic
the author of www.how-to-avoid-hysterectomy.com


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