Hysterectomy Question in the Forums

Hysterectomy makes everybody nervous, especially if you were told that it would be a possibility for you. So, what else to do, than to post your fears and concerns in a forum which you frequent… here is one such hysterectomy question in a forum on labradors, followed by the usual bunch of answers:

Best thing that ever happened to me! I had mine 8/1/05. I was only in the hospital for 1 1/2 days. They were surprised I was ready to go home so soon. I was so ready for it. I’d had about 3 years of bad pain and about half of that had severe bleeding…

I have no regrets with this surgery. I had surgery at the age of 34 in 2006. My surgery was done vaginally and they removed my cervix and uterus. I still have my ovaries. I was in the hospital for 24 hours, then released to go home. After about a week, I felt so good, I overdid it a couple of times and ended up getting very sore, thankfully I did not bleed internally, but that can happen if you over do it.

And so on. But, I have long ago stopped wondering why none of these women never tried anything else, say some alternative treatment to avoid hysterectomy, than to just wait it out — and since it always is a problem of estrogen domination, the tissues just keep on growing… leading to the inevitable end, hysterectomy.