Crystal Healing

Crystal healing can enhance or clear aura and makes an excellent addition to various other types of energy healing practices. Crystals will return chakras to their primary frequences and then any other kind of healing will deliver more.

You should think of crystals when there are specific placements of Sun and Moon in your natal chart:

==  Sun and Moon in Capricorn,

== Sun and Moon in malefic aspects from Saturn,

== Saturn in malefic aspects to the rulers of the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses.

Crystal Healing With Real Crystals

If you have crystals, you can apply them as healing tools. It would more than suffice to have only quartz crystals, because you can “tell” them that they can act as if crystals of any other color. But, if you have any other crystal, from amethyst to charoit to agate to rodonite to amber to… all of that can be very useful. The most obvious way of using crystals is to put them on certain parts of the body. If the color of the crystal matches the color of the nearby chakra, so much the better. Crystals are known to balance the chakras of their own color, and once the chakras are balanced, any other healing will be more successful.

You can also put the crystals near you. There are different patterns — the star of David, the double star of David, the circle etc. and you should experiment to see what is best in your situation. In certain cases, this means you should have 12 crystals around the body. Again, quartz is the cheapest and most readily available; and for some crystal healers, it is not the best but the only kind of crystals needed for healing.

After you put the crystals around you, lie down and be still. You should clearly feel the energies of the crystals working and after 15 or more minutes, the shift in your energies should be noticeable.

For problems of uro-genital system, the main chakras responsible would be the first and the second chakras, although it pays to have all the chakras balanced — it really is the minimum for health, you know.

Crystal Healing by a Crystal Healer

In this situation, you are the patient and there is a healer who uses crystals to heal. He or she may use other healing techniques, such as massage, aromatherapy, Reiki, Su Jok, acupuncture or whatever. There is a special kind of Reiki called Crystal Reiki (I do not have any particular experience with it, though), but crystals and Reiki go hand in hand in healing. The crystal healer may lay out the stones around you (similar as if you were healing yourself on your own), but can also have a special crystal wand. These are special pieces of crystal, cut out in special shapes (usually a cylinder), usually about 10-15 centimeters in length. It seems that the larger the wand the more healing energy it can produce, but crystals do not heal on their own, they just multiply the healer’s intent.

Crystals can be used as amplifiers for Reiki, Su Jok, acupressure etc.

It is possible to heal with crystals on their own and anyone with constant health problems should invest a bit into this cheap and simple therapy.

Crystal Healing with Crystal Grids

It is possible to administer healing with crystals as a form of distance healing. It is sufficient to have the patient’s witness — a piece of hair, picture etc. — and you can put a crystal on the witness and it will heal. You can also make a grid of crystals around the witness (eventually, put one “master” crystal on the witness itself), and the healing will be broadcast. If crystals have polished sides (facets), the grid can be more complex, that is, made so that the energy bounces from one facet to another, all of them ending towards the master crystal on the witness. That would be a really powerful form of crystal healing, but the grid should not be physically disturbed in order for the grid to functions properly.

Master crystal should be re-powered at least once in 48 hours, and 24 would be even better. You can empower it through distance Reiki, through another crystal etc.

Crystal Healing in Sleep

You can also sleep with crystals, say, under the pillow. If you go to sleep with a crystal in your hand, notice the position of the crystal after you wake up: it will be near a part of the body which needed healing the most. You can put crystals under the bed, also in the four corners of the room you sleep in, so that they will gather the negative energies.

Crystal Healing with Crystal Elixirs

Almost all kinds of crystals can be put into water over the night and when you drink that elixir in the morning, you get the healing properties of the crystal. Please note that not all crystals are good for this practice, some of them will dissolve in water, while some would be poisonous to drink that way. Always ask or consult someone who knows more about crystal healing! It is possible to make elixirs with frequences of several crystals at the same time. The most popular such combination is called VYBGIOR, which is a combination of seven basic color frequences and can be taken as a general tonic for all the chakras at once. Taken over the period of several months, it will cleanse the energy from the “inside”.

Gem elixirs can be potentized as homeopathic remedies, and there are potencies available up to 10M. This practice started in India, but is now fairly widespread.

Crystal Healing with Ethereal Crystals

It is possible to produce crystal healing with ethereal crystals, that is, by being attuned to metaphysical properties of the crystals. If all you are interested in is healing, ethereal crystals will do the job. If you are attuned to them, you can make your own elixirs, which are up to 400% stronger then their material counterparts. The best of it is that you make an elixir by just willing it into a glass of water. It looks like magic, but actually works — that is the power of specialized attunements!

If you are initiated into Level II of Reiki and into Ethereal crystals as well, you will be able to send the energy of ethereal crystal to any point in time and space, through using the distant healing symbol from Reiki II.