The Astrological Case of Uterine Sarcoma

When this lady’s husband first contacted me in September 2003, it was with the purpose of finding a suitable job perspective for him. For live delineations, I insist on having the charts of spouses, kids and other people that one lives with, since it sheds more light compared to the isolated natal chart.

I glanced at his wife’s chart and she asked me what will happen within a year or two to her. Her chart was not rectified at that time, so the positions of the Sun, Moon, and Mars in the first decade of Pisces fell into her seventh house. Seeing the transit of Uranus during 2003-2006 over those planets, I just told her she would feel like “Alice in the Wonderland”.

— What do you mean by that!? she asked.

There was no time to answer that fully, and we parted. In June 2005 the phone rang again and it was her husband:

— My wife has had hysterectomy in May, and is fine now. She had cancer, a sarcoma of endometrium, which spread to the other parts of the body, and now the doctors would like to perform another surgery to clear the cancer cells from the liver. Can we meet?

Her mother never knew exactly when the labor finished, but thought it was around noon, with a possible error of a few hours on both sides. Now that I knew that she had surgery, I rectified the chart so that the Ascendant was on 29 Cancer instead of the previous mid-Leo. The stellium of Sun, Moon, and Mars then fell into the VIII house — the house of surgery, mechanical injuries, terminal states, cancer… clearly aligning itself with the events in real life. Here is her rectified natal chart.

Horoscope for the case of uterine sarcoma
Natal chart for the case of uterine sarcoma

Now things become clearer. She has natal Saturn on 2 Virgo, in exact opposition to the Moon on 4 Pisces, which through stellium, encompasses both the Sun on 8 and Mars on 12 Pisces. Moon opposition Saturn and Moon in the VIII house — that is a strong indication of illness, which will concentrate on reproductive organs — those that the Moon rules in women. This is a time bomb, awaiting to be released when the transits come. There were many transits to this area of the chart in the previous years:

— From mid-2000 up to 25th April 2002, transitory Saturn was squaring the natal stellium of Sun, Moon and Mars. It prepared the scene for the other transits that would follow.

— From May 2002 up to January 2007 Uranus is more or less on that stellium. The energy of the nervous system gets translated into uterus and ovaries, through the Moon opposition to natal Saturn. The natal Moon-Saturn combination translates to tumor or cancer, but that didn’t bother her at all. However, when the transits of Saturn and Uranus concatenated, that was just too much for the uterus and it broke into a very rare type of tumor, sarcoma, with metastazis.

— To add insult to the injury, in the second half of 2003, from June to December, Mars was in Pisces, most of it retrograde. He turned retrograde from 10 Pisces on July 29th 2003, and went on to 0 Pisces. There he turned direct on September 27 2003 and left the natal stellium on November 13 2003. All that time, Mars was conjuncts transitory Uranus, so this is another intense shower of unwanted energy that went on to feed the tumor.

Uterine Sarcoma — Transits For The Day Of Surgery

Transits for the day of surgery in the uterine sarcoma case
Transits for the day of surgery in the uterine sarcoma case

The surgery took place on 12th May 2005, 8:00 am. It was four and half hours long, since they had to send for the abdominal surgeon when the gynecologist finished, finding out that the cancer already had metastasized. In the end, they cut off 20 cm of the colon, and 1 m of the small intestines. As far as it goes, the post-op course was excellent. She walked without much problem to our second meeting, has regular bowell movements, no gas attacks, blood is OK… Let us have a look at the chart of the transits for the operation. We notice transitory Mars on 8 and Uranus on 10 Pisces, both in the natal VIII house. This repeats the pattern of the second half of 2003. Everything happened so fast (Mars with Uranus), from the moment of the first visit to the doctor to the operation itself. There was such a hurry because the usual tumor markers showed nothing, save for one that is possibly for sarcoma. That led to CA-120, a tumor marker specific for sarcoma, and when the two markers were shown to be present and active, the operation was prepared real fast. There was an idea to postpone it for five days later, and it is good that they didn’t do it. Mars would have had passed out of the VII house, the house of surgery, and if performed two or three days later, the operation would stop to be a means to defeat the illness.

On that day, the transitory Moon was on 6 Cancer, ruling, in the XII house of hospitals, trine to all the natal and transitory planets in the VIII house. So, it is strong, is in hospital and the operation though long (trine) is a wonderful success. Quite symbolic and extremely welcome, wouldn’t you agree!?

Uterine Sarcoma — When To Ask Medical Astrologer For Help?

When to ask astrologer for help?
When to ask astrologer for help?

This chart shows transits on the day of consultation, 21st June 2005. The “clouds” over the VIII house have dispersed a bit, and notice the position of the Moon: exactly on Pluto, on 22 Sagittarius. Contacts of the Moon and Pluto are mainly responsible for cutting (Pluto) the uterus (the Moon) out, so on that day she was frighthened a bit more than usually.

After the operation, she had some scans and cancer cells were found in three places in the body, one of them on the liver. Liver is represented through Jupiter, natally on 23 Capricorn. It is weakened since this Jupiter is ruled by Saturn, and in this very period, ending on 27th May 2005, transitory Saturn was opposing the natal Jupiter for almost six months. This transit is gone and will not repeat itself, so once the oncological surgery is over (if it comes to pass at all), her liver should be safe.

Uterine Sarcoma — The Progression Chart For The Day Of Surgery, 12th May 2005

The progression chart for the day of surgery for uterine sarcoma
The progression chart for the day of surgery for uterine sarcoma

The progressed chart still had the VIII house active. It is now ruled by Mars on 25 Aries. It is fortunate that this Mars has sextile to the progressed Uranus and trine to the progressed Saturn, however, there are two important transits here: — Transitory Saturn squaring the progressed Mars, debilitating it, certainly being at a least a bit responsible for the surgery, and

— Progressed Moon on 24 Pisces, just escaping the square from the transitory Pluto on 23 Sagittarius. Such a square would mean a radiation therapy, but the Moon is not in the aspect and the radio therapy would just not solve anything anymore. That is exactly what the doctors said: for sarcoma there is no chemo therapy and there is no radio therapy, since this kind of tumor does not react to these types of treatments, except in 1 or 2 % of cases.

On 25th April 2004 the progressed Moon is in Pisces, and leaves the natal stellium of the Sun, the Moon and Mars in the end of May 2004. Furthermore, it leaves the square to the transitory Pluto in the end of April 2005. The main danger is gone, but it is notable that the progressed Moon was part of the same aspects as the natal Moon, on the same part of the chart, exactly when the transits were the most dense. Just as in other similar cases, we see an abnormal concentration of energies on one part of the body, the uterus and the ovaries.

Uterine Sarcoma — The Solar Return Chart for the 2005

The solar return chart is used as the last measure of confirmation. Here is this chart for 2005:

The solar return chart for 2005, uterine sarcoma case
The solar return chart for 2005, uterine sarcoma case

There is some danger in this chart as well, but is nowhere near the chart for the 2005: — Mars is on the Ascendant, some kind of cutting might happen again.

— Mars squares the Son, the Moon and Uranus, but these are not in any house of illness at all.

— Pluto squares Mercury, which rules the Ascendant, so again this a small plus for some kind of operation this year. But the Soon, Uranus and Mercury are in the XI house of friends, it may just be that some of her friends will have similar experiences, instead of her.

— Jupiter in the VI house, square Neptune, this might mean either taking medications for the liver or not being able to diagnose what is really the matter with the liver.

All in all, this is not such a terrible chart as the one for the solar return of 2005.

Uterine Sarcoma — Conclusions

She was operated in the very end of the transits and it is good that it transpired so. In this case, hysterectomy was a cure and saved her, at least for the moment. The charts for the near future diverge, that is, do not converge to one particular organ, save perhaps Jupiter, re her liver. After one such major surgery, and facing another, for oncological reasons, she is not out of the woods yet. But now she knows her astrological prognosis, and is aware of the need to fight for life. She and her husband will try to find an adequate therapy, or a combination of therapies to keep her alive and well. With her natal stellium in the VIII house, I advised her to learn something about energy healing. I wanted her to concentrate on Bach flower remedies, to take them and see what difference can they make, then to help her friends. With these planets in Pisces and in the VIII house, she is a natural empath. She has many friends which come for comfort from her. Just by talking their problems out, they go away relieved, while she remains alone with both her and their problems!

I suggested her to take some flower remedies and in time try to help her friends with them. The real purpose of this is to engage her healing capabilites towards others: with natal square of Chiron to the Sun, Moon and Mars she should have been healer all along, and then she would not have been ill.

Her best therapy of choice for further course of uterine sarcoma would be homeopathy, then flower remedies, then crystal healing. While being healed, she could learn about these methods and try to reach such a level that she can maintain her own health. Su Jok and Reiki are not particularly indicated in her chart — just as anybody else, she can profit from them, but she should not try to practice them.