Alternatives To Hysterectomy

There are many alternatives to hysterectomy, and it all boils down to selecting some other surgical procedure, or to finding out some other way of healing.

Surgical Alternatives To Hysterectomy

If you want to preserve fertility and you have a case of uterine fibroids (myoma), go for myomectomy.

If childbearing is not important any more, you can opt for endometrial ablation, which destroys endometrium, the inner layer of the uterus, but preserves the rest of the uterus intact.

A relatively new method of avoiding hysterectomy is uterine artery embolization, often shorthened as UAE. Tiny particles are injected into the uterine arteries and fibroids connected to that artery lose food. The result is that the fibroids shrink and the symptoms disappear.

One way to avoid hysterectomy is to use uterine balloon therapy, in which a balloon is inserted into the uterus and the endometrium, the inner lining of the uterus is destroyed. The entire method belongs to a family of methods called endometrial ablation so it pays to study them and see whether you are a candidate for one of these surgical alternatives to hysterectomy.

Adhesiolysis is cutting adhesions, tissue that binds otherwise separated pelvic organs. About 20% of women have problems because of such adhesions, which arise from an injury such as previous pelvic or abdominal surgery, infections, endometriosis, cancer or radiation therapy, intra-abdominal trauma, say from ectopic pregnancy, appendicitis etc.

Energy Healing Alternatives To Hysterectomy

There are several energy healing methods that can help you avoid hysterectomy simply by addressing the true underlying problems for your symptoms.

Reiki Alternatives To Hysterectomy

Reiki can be an excellent low-cost method if you have enough time, or someone near you to give you Reiki treatments. You can also draw help through distant healing from various Reiki groups and sites.

The power of the method: if you can arrange it so that you can receive lots of Reiki (hours and hours for many days in a row), and through a powerful practitioner, that might even lead to a cure. There are many recorded case in which various forms of cancer just disappeared after not that many Reiki treatments, but with Reiki it is not possible to predict the scope of healing.

Reiki, however, should always be present in the healing mix because it can enable you to find the right therapy for you.

Homeopathy Alternatives To Hysterectomy

Homeopathy will do wonders if you know your constitutional remedy, or if you are not afraid to experiment with a few remedies on your own. It is a very low cost method of healing, only you have to know what you are doing. If you want to investigate alternative methods to avoid hysterectomy, homeopathy should be the first discipline to learn about.

The power of the method: whatever it is causing you to think of hysterectomy, it can be cured through homeopathy — if you happen to find the right practitioner or remedy. Homeopathy should be the leading therapy in the mix, and it is the shining sword which cuts through enemy’s backlines — if you can first find the sword, that is.

Flower Remedies Alternatives To Hysterectomy

Flower remedies, and especially Bach flower remedies, will cleanse your bad emotions and turn them into proper and positive attitudes. This therapy is a must if you want to avoid hysterectomy by aligning to your own roots.

The power of the method: Very gentle in nature, yet the only kind of remedies that change your character permanently. Flower remedies play a key role in the “how to avoid hysterectomy” mix, because emotions are the food for tumors, polyps, cancers and all other unwanted growths, and it is exactly (Bach) flower remedies that neutralize “bad” emotions.

Radionics Alternatives To Hysterectomy

Radionics could help you avoid hysterectomy on its own, but is not widespread and is not readily commercially available. I mention it here only because I like it and as a signal to you Inner Self that world still holds many wonders in spite of you being very ill these days!

The power of the method: Very powerful, but unlikely that you will be able to use it, since radionics requires a machine of a kind, and the good ones are extremely expensive.

Distance Reiki Healing Alternatives To Hysterectomy

Distant healing also can help you avoid hysterectomy. It is painless, free, constant, does not depend on you remembering to take anything or go anywhere for the treatment, and your spouse, relatives, friends and many others can send you healing if you request it. Distant healing — delivered through many devoted groups — is one of the joys of Internet, it is yours for the taking, just use it!

The power of the method: Distant healing should be always present in the how to avoid hysterectomy mix. It is best realized through radionics, but if don’t have access to it, you can still use it through a mixture of Reiki and crystal healing (by making crystal networks.)

The power of the method: It is unlikely that General Energy Packs will save your from hysterectomy, however, receiving a General Energy Pack is equivalent to receiving a Reiki session so it will help you right away. Use this site to get healed!

Crystal Healing Alternatives To Hysterectomy

Crystal healing can range from holding your pet crystal near you to serious and powerful crystal grids for distant healing. You can make crystal elixirs and drink the frequences of the crystal immediately. However, there is a great number of useful crystals that are not generally available and you may want to concentrate only on quartz crystals (“mountain rock”), which is not a bad choice at all.

Healing with crystals is a mental activity, in which crystals concentrate your will and intent. If you can, use the crystals, they are active and multidimensional spirits willing to help and heal!

The power of the method: It is not very likely that crystal healing can heal you on its own, or that you can apply it all by yourself. You might have a better chance if you find a gifted and experienced crystal healer. Crystals, if you have them or if you are attuned to them, can help a lot, but don’t rely only on them, unless you are a shaman or some such thing.

Su Jok Alternatives To Hysterectomy

Su Jok looks like acupuncture on fists and feet only, but in truth, it is only an introductory part of a much larger ways of healing called Onnuri Medicine (Onnuri = the entier cosmos, everything that exists). Of all the methods mentioned here, it can be the quickest and easiest to perform on your own, and if you know what you are doing, you can heal literally anything and thus avoid hysterectomy, which on this site will always be the final goal.

The power of the method: Su Jok, if applied properly, is more than sufficient to heal you from scratch. Unfortunately, it is not as widespread as it should be, although you can pick its basics in one afternoon.

Herbal Remedies As Alternatives To Hysterectomy

Herbal remedies can also be an alternative to hysterectomy. There are many herbs, all over the world, that are similar and sometimes even are an exact energy equivalent to various states of a woman’s organism. Herbalistics is the most widespread form of alternative healing in the world, and it does have a lot to offer.

The power of the method: Given enough luck and the availabity of the remedies in your part of the world, herbal remedies can be self-sufficient.