Hysterectomy scenario — how you came here in the first place (hint: by believing the doctors blindly, and by not investigating other options, while they were available to you).

Hysterectomy side effects — what is in this surgery that frightens so many women?

Type of hysterectomy — the quality of your life from now on depends on the choice of hysterectomy that you discuss with your doctor.

Hysterectomy complications — there can be many, especially if some other kind of surgery (oopherectomy) went on simultaneously.

Recovery time after hysterectomy — you will discover that various types of hysterectomy call for various recovery times. Shorter recovery time is always better, provided the basic goals of surgery were successfuly met in the first place.

Reason for hysterectomy can be uterine fibroids, heavy or abnormal menstrual bleeding, uterine prolapse, endometriosis, chronic pelvic pain, cancer of uterus, cervix or ovaries, inflammation of the ovaries etc.

Alternatives To Hysterectomy divide into two branches: surgical hysterectomy alternatives, and those from alternative medicine. This entire site is devoted to alternatives to hysterectomy, especially from the energy healing point of view.

Hysterectomy decision There are four cases to consider — from worst to best.


Want to see how various types of hysterectomy look from the inside!? Then the hysterectomy video page is for you!