The Usual Hysterectomy Scenario

You have your symptoms, or you even do not have them. Sooner or later, you find yourself in front of a doctor and are subject to various diagnostical procedures. These may include a

personal interview (including questions about your sex life), a

vaginal exam,

Pap test,

laboratory tests and/or

imaging tests. Further measures may include

endometrial biopsy,

dilation and curettage (D&C)



The choices of therapies usually are


medicines (usually the hormones), or

• “watchful waiting“.

This last means no treatment but seeing the doctor regurarly, to keep track of any new conditions or symptoms in your body.

Watchful Waiting

Unless you have severe symptoms already, hysterectomy is just not an option yet. It is this “watchful waiting” that is most dangerous. You may be sure that on one of your next visits the doctor will shake his or her hand and just say “I think you are facing a hysterectomy now.” Why didn’t they heal you before letting those fibroids grow so large? you ask yourself in despair, feeling cheated. Well, apart from a few scrooks found in every profession, your doctor would very much like to heal you — but just does not know how.

In spite of the perils of hysterectomy being known for decades by now, students of medicine all over the world still learn that it is normal to cut somebody’s dearest organs because

you are 45, you’ve had your children, and what else do you need it for“.

Butchers? No. They do not treat you because they do not have official remedies to treat you with. If there was a remedy for uterine fibroids, they would prescribe it to you and be done away with it. But life is more complicated then a bunch of antibiotics. To cure somebody’s fibroids, or endo, or endometrial hyperplasia or whatever, you have to stop treating the consequences and dig into the roots of the problem. It is you, the patient, that led a wrong kind of life, and it is not doctor’s fault, no way. A severe illness requiring such a major surgery is a means to wake you up, the last call to a normal life for you.

What Will It Take To Mend My Life Again

Even with all the energy healing techniques discussed on this site you will not heal yourself if you concentrate only on one part of the body. It brings you pain allright, but only to remind you that your life has gone astray. If you want to heal only your uterus and ovaries without changing the life in general, then all this effort (including reading this site) will not be enough. With the next prolongued transits of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, it is very likely that there will be more illnesses coming your way, even if there is no uterus or ovaries to now operate upon. The uterus and ovaries act as a shield to other parts of the body. After hysterectomy they are not there anymore and the energy will bounce off to the house over which the Moon rules. To put it simply, certain areas of your life will become lame, seemingly without any reason. And if one of the houses in case is VI, VII or XII — the houses of illness — you will continue to be ill, or you will become ill in new ways, the ways you never experienced before.

Without uterus and ovaries you are not a woman any more. The balance is lost and must be found again. If you have no womb (uterus in Latin, but hystera in Greek), you become, well, hysterical. Sexual responses change. For minority of women, it becomes better, but all the others may just wishfully remind themselves and their partners of how it was before.
Both uterus and ovaries produce hormones, and after hysterectomy they force you to become a consumer for life. That is, if you can. Many women taking estrogen after hysterectomy find that their endometriosis or other symptoms just come back, so estrogen is not for everyone. Then vagina may go dry (a yet another way of diminishing sexual pleasure), then increased problems with the heart and arteries, then secondary male characteristics (some women grow beard after hysterectomy and have to shave it regularly)… A fun way to live the next 20, 30 or 40 years of your life!?

Stay Within the Health System

If you are in the lucky majority that can be helped through medical astrology (raising awareness) and energy healing (the actual healing), read the rest of this site then DO IT through this link. This is not to say that you should turn your back from the regular doctors, quite to the contrary.

You must be in the health system for your regular checkups — they have all those expensive laboratories, scanners etc. so use them to measure your progress. Whatever the treatment that is energetically indicated for you, the results must be visible and verifiable. The last thing you want is to blindly follow instructions from this or any other site and/or book and/or magazine! If possible, try to engage a professional for the chosen therapy, but beware of them as well! Some of them have this evangelistic approach to patients in dire need, trying to persuade them that their kind of (energy) healing is the right and the only possible one. To complicate things further, you will often find the representatives of the same energy healing technique bickering and talking badly one about another. That’s a trap too! Think only of your healing.

Be Persistent

If the methods you try do not bring results, quit and try something new. On the other hand, it may be possible that in the beginning it must be temporarily worse (the so-called aggravation) in order to be better later. Aggravation is somewhat expected in all natural healing methods, so ask the practitioner about it. In any case, try to ascertain before taking the remedy or therapy whether it can harm you. This is especially important for homeopathic remedies, which bring health to the ill but bring illnesses to the healthy.