Cancer of the Cervix Video

This cancer of the cervix video shows that cancer need not be an unbeatable disease. If discovered early, it can be beaten through a so-called radical hysterectomy, a surgery at which the surroundings of the uterus are also taken away. In particular, the lymph nodes around the reproductive organs are cut away, and after the surgery, the patient usually gets both radio- and chemo therapies.

Cervix is the neck of the womb, and it is also called the entrance to the womb. It opens during labor, so that the baby can come out. The cancer of the cervix is is a malignant growth due to a human papylomae virus. Radical hysterectomy is a huge surgery and can be done only if the patient can stand it; if the cancer of the cervix spread outside of it, the surgery is pointless and the standard medical treatment boils down to radio/chemo therapy, which sometimes does a world of good, but in most cases just drains the patient with no real improvement.

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Additional Techniques Revealed in This Cancer of the Cervix Video

In this cancer of the cervix video, we also see the following additional techniques for fighting cancer:

keeping a diary,
so that you can compare your present state with that after the surgery,
positive visualization,
the patient imagined herserlf as a PuckMan, eating away the cancer cells inside her body,

Note that these two latter techniques are in the domain of energy healing.