Basic Hand Positions Of Reiki

Reiki is literally a hands-on approach to healing and the basic hand positions of Reiki are the main way of delivering it.

During the initiation into Reiki, the heart and throat chakras become magnified and the result is that it becomes possible to call upon the Reiki energy from another dimension and transduce them through the hands to the patient. Reiki should go where the patient’s body needs it, however, it is felt the strongest where the practitioner’s hands are. In time, so-called hand positions appeared and became a standard part of any Reiki course.

Hand positions mimic closely the meridians known from acupuncture. Most hand positions concentrate on the head, because it is where almost all meridians pass through, however, placing hands over various parts of the body also has its merits. The basic hand positions of Reiki cover all parts of the body and the hands should be held on for as long as there is energy flow.

The Basic Hand Positions of Reki as the Main Vehicle To Transfer the Energy

The Reiki practitioner acts as a channel and the patient is drawing the energy through the practitioner’s body. Both the practitioner and the patient feel the energy and are being healed at the same time. It is quite possible that the patient has one or several parts of the body in greater need for the healing energies, and at those points the practitioner may feel stronger flow of the energy.

One school of thought says that regardless of the strength of the energy flow in particular places, the hands should be kept in each position for several minutes and then should be moved onto the next position on the patient’s body. The other school of thought believes that the hand should be kept in the positions for as long as there is some energy flow there, because it is the diseased organ that draws the energy it badly needs. When you give treatments using the basic hand positions of Reiki, you are free to do it either way, or to combine them — for best results, be flexible and always do what is best for the patient.

A Video For Basic Hand Positions of Reiki

Here is a free Google video for the basic hand positions of Reiki:

You will see a practitioner applying hands, starting with the patient’s head and progressing downwards, towards the feet. Once at the feet, the patient should turn on to the stomach and then the practitioner starts again.

This video is good to see where the hands physically go; each position has deeper meanings, though, but this is not the place for that discussion.

For How Long to Hold the Basic Hand Positions Of Reiki In A Session?

There are usually 20-odd basic hand positions of Reiki per session, each for 2-3 minutes in length, so it amounts to one hour or a bit more. After that, the client is relaxed, and almost all patients fall asleep or enter a state of deep relaxation. It is all very relaxing, giving the body a break to start healing itself. If the client has some serious illness, Reiki sessions should be repeated, usually up to six or ten in a row, dispersed over a period of two or three weeks.

For the practitioner, basic hand positions of Reiki are both a blessing and a curse; they are the foundation of their art and yet it all looks so boring on the surface… Well, it really isn’t, because the practitioner will strongly feel the energies, usually working with his or her eyes closed.

Reiki in Your Personal Healing Plan

Reiki is at part two of your personal healing plan blueprint, medical astrology being at the first. From medical astrology you can learn about the critical periods of your illness and how to overcome them, but for all practical purposes, you can start healing yourself with Reiki right away. Be sure to get the free email mini-course on your personal healing plan to see how Reiki can heal you even if you don’t want to be initiated into it.

The beauty or Reiki is that you do not have to know anything about the patient, Reiki will decide what is to be healed and at which level. That is also why it is not possible to promise any concrete improvement after a Reiki session — Reiki might have been healing something that is too deep to show up immediately.