Removing the Uterus and Cervix — A Vaginal Hysterectomy Video

This second vaginal hysterectomy video (second on this site, that is) shows various phases of removing the uterus from the body of an old lady. If anybody out there thought hysterectomy were picnic, let them watch this short but bloody video and see what this is all about.

Vaginal hysterectomy requires that vagina be stretched and kept open by special instruments. The advantage is that no external incisions are made. There is one internal incision at the top of the vagina around the cervix. As the result, the vagina may be shorthened, which can have repercussions on the sex life later.

As this short video shows, the uterus and cervix are cut from their supporting ligaments and surrounding tissue, and then the connecting blood vessels are tied off. The next phase would be removing the uterus and cervix through the vagina (not shown on this video), which is then closed to prevent infection and to keep the intestines from dropping downward.

The video is 1:15 minutes long.
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