Reiki Therapy With Energy Pack

Reiki therapy is an excellent way to improve your general health. If you already have a medical problem, Reiki therapy will also help, sometimes as the only way of healing, sometimes being just one technique amongst many that the patient needs.

On this site, How To Avoid, I have implemented a kind of a long distance Reiki therapy called the Energy Pack. There are hundreds of people by now that have used my Energy Pack pages and the fact that they come for more is telling us that they find it useful. They usually feel it as a kind of a deeper trance, as if going to meditation, some actually fall asleep and so on. The process of receiving Reiki may be be very relaxing but it is ultimately the effects of receiving it that make the difference. So, far thereĀ  was only one person that did feel exactly nothing when exposed to the Energy Pack.

Now, one of the external attributes of Reiki is that the practitioner’s hands become warm and even hot, and the patients usually marvel at that. However, there will be sessions in which nor the giver nor the receiver of Reiki feel anything. That does not mean that no energy was passed on! It might only mean that Reiki worked on something that is not connected to the physical side of being and that it was not necessary for the client to feel anything on that level. For instance, maybe Reiki went to some event in the past and works on clearing that. This is exactly why Reiki is not predictable and no one should say

“Buy ten Reiki sessions from me and your myoma or cancer of arthritis or whatever will be gone”.

Reiki therapy is an excellent all round way of getting better, so feel free to get your free Reiki therapy session without any Reiki training, Reiki courses, Reiki attunements and whatever else Reiki there is. Just go the Energy Pack page, enter your data, be transferred to another page and start receving Reiki from there.