Lack of informed consent is present in almost all hysterectomies, a U.S. study confirms.

A 17-year study with 930 participants found that an essential component of the educational process of informed consent for hysterectomy has been denied women in the U.S. The ongoing study begun in 1991 found that 99.7% of women reported that they were not informed of the functions of the female organs or the consequences of their removal and said they would not have proceeded with the surgery had this information been provided to them.

Because it is a critical component of the educational process of informed consent, failure to provide such information prior to asking women to sign a consent form for [tag-tec]hysterectomy[/tag-tec] (removal of the [tag-tec]uterus[/tag-tec]) or [tag-tec]castration[/tag-tec] (removal of the [tag-tec]ovaries[/tag-tec]) constitutes a lack of informed consent, which is a breach of duty that invalidates consent.

The findings reveal that 12-minutes of information about female anatomy and the functions of the female sex organs would all but eliminate uninformed consent from hysterectomy. Here is an educational video that you will give you enough information to get started:

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