Hysterectomy for a Large Ovarian Cyst Case with Prolapsed Uterus – a Medical Astrology Analysis

This woman is almost 79 years old and had prolapsed uterus since 2002. A hysterectomy was suggested, but she refused. In spring 2004, at a routine examination, her gynecologist discovered a large, 7 cm in diameter, tumour on the left ovary. Now she wanted a hysterectomy, but the doctors did not want to operate in the summer and told her to come in September 2004. Finally, the operation was scheduled for October 13th, 2004, and that was the day the hysterectomy took place. It was total abdominal hysterectomy, the cut was horizontal and 5 inches long. The operation went remarkably well, considering it took 3 hours and 50 minutes.

She was on homeopathic therapy both before and after the operation, also on Bach Flower Remedies and was also given Reiki. In recovery, she used homeopathic remedies and Su Jok in the form of the seed therapy. Let us have a look at the natal chart:

prolapsed uterus, hysterectomy, medical astrology, ovarian cyst

Saturn in Scorpio is a target — Jupiter square Saturn may be a tumour in the genital area, while the square from Neptune makes the tumour invisible. Mars square Saturn in Scorpio — a possible operations on sex organs.

The Moon denotes the uterus and ovaries. The Moon in this chart is quite weak, in Capricorn, the sign of its detriment. Opposition to Pluto is a serious predisposition for gynecological illnesses such as cancer or tumours of uterus or ovaries. It is on the 8th degree, which also brings the nature of Scorpio to this Moon.

Nothing comes to pass if it is not in the natal chart. In this chart, there are lots of possibilites for gynecological illnesses, and yet it took 78 years for them to actually take place. This is so because of the rule of three: the hard aspects or positions manifest themselves as problems or illnesses only if they are seen in three or more different charts simultaneously. The usual procedure is to examine the transits for timing, the progressed chart for prolongued trends, and the solar return chart to pinpoint the year in which all this can happen. In the rest of this example we shall do exactly that.

The Transits

The heavens never stop in motion. The natal chart is a picture of cosmos as seen from the place of birth on Earth. The very next millisecond after you were born, gives a similar but different chart. As above, so bellow — the planetary movements never cease. The planets move and thanks to astronomy, we know exactly where they will be in the future. That is what transits are — planetary positions for any given day. We can compare the natal chart with the transits and delineate how the new positions will influence the natal chart. Here are the transits on the 13th October 2004:

prolapsed uterus, ovarian cyst, medical astrology
Note the square of transiting Mars on 10 Libra to the natal Moon on 8 Capricorn.  Here are the transits on 13th August 2003:

prolapsed uterus, ovarian cyst, medical astrology

This date is chosen so that the transiting Saturn on 8 Cancer is in exact opposition with the Moon on 8 Capricorn. Saturn rules the Moon in the natal chart, so this transit is a trial period for the Moon, i.e. sex organs.

We need more transits, but I’ll give you just the dates:

15th October 2003 Saturn on 13 Cancer

On this date, Saturn started to return to the beginning of Cancer.

7th March 2004 Saturn on 6 Cancer

Saturn stops going back and starts direct motion once again.

24th April 2004 Saturn on 8 Cancer

This is third and last time Saturn is in exact opposition to the natal Moon.

The whole transit began on 13th August 2003 and ended on 24th April of 2004, more than 9 months in a row. It is exactly in this period that this woman got cystadenom on the left ovary, the final size of which was 8 cm in diameter!

Aspects — the Flow of Energy in the Chart

In any given chart, you will see lines in the middle of the circle, connecting two planets. They differ by colors: blue opposition red square green trine blue sextile violet inconjunction There is another important aspect, conjunction, when two or more planets are practically at the same position on the circle and there is no particular line for that. Just by looking at the chart you see the two planets are together.

If the line is stronger in color and texture, the aspect is stronger and the reverse is true: the dotted and pale colors and lines denote weak aspects.

Aspects are the inner and psychic life of each individual and his or her chart, but we are not going into that here. We just want to conclude from the chart when an illness might start and when it can end. In that way we shall know what steps to undertake — whether the healing is sufficient, whether complications are to be expected and so on. We conclude such things by looking at the chart, watching the transits and the times they hit the hardest.

In case you were wondering how I knew to look for transits of Saturn, instead of any other planet, the answer is in the blue line between the transiting Saturn and natal Moon. If you looked at the transits for all those dates, you saw the strong and continual blue line between them. Opposition, square and inconjunction are hard aspects, i.e. they cause action in the material world and in such a way that something unwanted happens. In the context of our topic, they denote illness, or a strong possibility of an illness.


If the moment of birth is so significant for the whole life of the individual, maybe the next day, the day after the next and so on are significant as well? This is the idea behind a progressed chart. It is a chart in which one day after birth represents one year of life. The first day is for the first year, the thirtieth day is for the thirtieth year and so on. Here is the progressed chart for 13th October 2004:

There are many evil aspects is this chart: . the Moon is almost exactly on Saturn — a conjunction,

. the Moon and Saturn are squared by Neptune and Mercury (strong red line) as well as by Jupiter (weak red line),

. the Moon and Saturn are inconjunct Mars.

That is why the operation was held exactly on this date — her state was so unbearable that she just could not get along with her tumour any more.

In spite of old age, she survived gracefully, since the Moon and Saturn have trines (the best aspects) to Sun and Pluto. Also note that the Moon and Saturn are in Scorpio, the sign which rules the genitals. The trine to Pluto was extremely helpful here (Pluto rules Scorpio), a kind of a guarantee that everything should end fine.

The Solar Return Chart

Here is the solar return chart for 2004:

prolapsed uterus, ovarian cyst, medical astrology


From the natal chart:

1) The Moon is without power. It rules Cancer but is in the opposite sign. Prolongued hard aspects to this Moon will bring problems.

2) Moon on 8 Capricorn — this degree is analogous to the eighth sign, Scorpio (the genitals).

3) Moon on 8 Capricorn and Pluto on 12 Cancer — Moon opposition Pluto. This may mean problems with sex organs.

From the transits:

4) Saturn opposes the natal Moon from June 2003 up to 24th April of 2004. Saturn rules the Moon through Capricorn but now opposes it for nine months. This is a long and unusual transit, Saturn usually passes a point on the circle for a couple of days, weeks at most. Such a long transit is a sure sign of some damage being done to the natal Moon, i.e. to the woman’s genitals.

From the solar return chart for 2004

5) Mars square Moon — a surgical operation during this year.

6) Venus square Moon — congestion of blood, tumours.

7) Pluto square Moon — wild tissues, cancer, irregular growth.

8) Mars opposition Pluto — irreversible events, operation, cutting and taking out.

From the progressed chart

9) Moon exact conjunction Saturn — tumours, growths.

10) The same conjunction in Scorpio — the genitals.

11) Moon conjunct Saturn trine to the Sun and Pluto — excellent aspects for survival.

12) When the Moon passes the exact conjunction with Saturn in the progressed chart — the urgency for the operation will be gone. We conclude that the operation must be held before the full aspect, which happens on 14th of October 2004.

Conclusion of this case

Unavoidable hysterectomy, not later than 14 October 2004. The operation will pass well. The transit of Saturn pulled the trigger, but when it passed on, the real danger also passed on. In this case, hysterectomy seems to have solved the problem, but in effect served only to clean up the mess. When the transiting Saturn passes the progressed Sun on 26 Cancer (end of June 2005), life will generally be easier for this woman. Meanwhile, Saturn on progressed Sun is a possibility of problems with heart and the eventual congestion of the arteries that lead to the heart.