Free Astrology Helps You Take the Right Course of Action

From to time, I do free astrology readings. Currently however, I charge for all my readings, and I leave the rest of this page for sake of continuity with the previous versions of this site.

This Free Astrology page will help you make the right decision, such as whether to have a

. hysterectomy

. endometrial ablation or just

. be healed without any surgery at all ?

In particular, feel free to ask about

. marital infertility.

Conditions and Obligations

Fill the form bellow with your data and you may be the lucky one that will be chosen for a free reading. The reading will be published on this (or some other Dusko Savic’s site), with several data witheld in order to protect your privacy. Neither your name, your natal data nor the time of birth will be ever published, however, I will publish the natal chart on the site, so that everybody can see the logic of astrological delineation. Your story will be visible too, as well as my comments, and if you care to later update your page, you will be welcome to.

If there are some hiddenly revealing details such as “I went to such and such town to see another doctor”, I’ll remove them too.

After you fill in your data bellow, you might receive an email course with various options for healing. The course is of general nature, as I will be mentioning various healing techniques in my readings, but without explaining them.

Your email address will not be rented, sold, or used for anything else than communicating with me.

All our communication becomes my intellectual property, and I will have copyright to it, specifically, the freedom to publish the corresponding free astrology reading on this or any other site that I want to, or in any other eventual publication of mine, either online or offline. You get a free reading from me, it sounds fair that I get something from you too.

Please use your real email address, addresses at Yahoo, HotMail etc. will not be eligible for free readings on this site.

An email address that you supply for your free astrology reading will never be published openly, so that you will be protected from spam.

This site, How To Avoid is for medical astrology, but feel free to fill in your data and ask about anything else — love, relationships, divorce, moving house etc. I may answer such questions just as well, but perhaps not on this site. You will always be notified where the answer is posted.

The answer I produce as a free astrology reading may be in text and graphic form, audio form, video or any combination of these, depending on the circumstances. In particular, I might record Skype conversations and distribute them further, for free or for money, in any form that I desire.

Will You Actually Get Your Free Astrology Reading?

I cannot guarantee that you will actually get your free astrology reading if you fill in the form bellow. There is only one of me, while there are many people in the world that need help, either astrologically or in the form of energy healing.

If you pay, and I do the chart, I cannot refund it. It takes a part of my life to prepare the charts, write or talk about it; this is not an ebook, once you pay, it is done. I, on my side of things, will do my best to do my job professionally, but you may not like what you hear. On the other hand, I retain the right to refuse to do an astrological consultation for you, without ever specifying the reason for that. In short, I can refund you the money if I don’t do the chart, but if I do deliver it to you, there can be no refund whatsoever.

In particular, I cannot guarantee that you will gain better health because you hired me to delineate the charts for you. Your health is between you and God, and I can only act as an external tool for turning your consciousness on. Neither do I guarantee that you will like my delineations, or be happy with them. In all likeness, you will not be happy hearing what I have to say, since I act as a last resort for the current situation: after you contact me, I’ll recommend a certain course of action, which means a (significant) change in your life, and it is this part that is usually hard to swallow. During the reading, I may refer you to various methods of alternative healing, but let it be known that I always propose a mixture of therapies that are best under the circumstances. So if your natal chart shows that you should attend a chemotherapy, than I must tell you so, in spite of you hating it or whatever.