Energy Pack — Start Your Healing Right Now

Pain, Fatigue, Dissatisfaction with Life, Gynecological Problems?

It is possible to receive a healing energy right away, only if you want to!

You can repeat this healing once per day, and it is as free as it gets.

To start healing yourself right now all you have to do is fill in the form bellow and then tell yourself that you want to receive the healing. The healing will start right away and you will recognize that you are receiving it immediately: for some it is gently openning their chakras, some go to sleep (up to 4 hours), some just feel a sweet, sweet energy inside. In all cases, you end up refreshed and healed more then before. See the testimonials for the effects: the pain is gone, the lost ability to speak is returned, the general attitude towards life is changed and so on.

General Energy Pack — A New Way To Receive Healing Energies!

Technically speaking, Energy Packs are channeling of the Reiki energies towards you. Reiki is often known as the Universal Love, Universal Life Energy and the like, and we certainly know that it is “out of this world”. Since the 1980’s, dozens of millions of people have come in contact with Reiki, tried it, got to like it, and then got initiated into it. That process seems unstoppable now, but there is one hurdle: in order for Reiki to heal you, somebody has to “give” it to you, either through a personal session or through distant healing.

Energy Packs introduced on this site resolve that problem: you can receive Reiki energy as if somebody is channeling it especially for you, except that no actual person is doing it! I, Dusko Savic, have contacted Devas of Reiki (high, enlightened beings similar to Angels but specialized to oversee one activity of the Universe), and asked to make Energy Packs possible. And they have concurred! That is why it is now possible to deliver Reiki without the actual human channeling!

Free Reiki Healing From the Internet

There are many sites and groups offering free Reiki healing all over the Internet and that is a wonderful thing. I wanted to have it on this “avod hysterectomy” site of mine as well, in order to help women with gynecological problems start their healing journey with alternative medicine.

In the beginning, I delivered the healing in real time: when someone entered the data in the entry form, I would reply back, tell them on which day the healing would start, and then had to spend this half hour still, sending the energies. However, I couldn’t always guarantee that I would manage the session the same day (OK, it is possible to send Reiki through time as well, but that somehow didn’t seem right — the applicants to the form expected their problems to be solved as soon as possible!) That is why I asked the Devas (and they complied!), to have the energies sent from some other dimension, as soon as the applicant stated his or her intention of receiving it. As you can see from the testimonials, it works, and then some!

Energy Pack is Reiki sent to you from higher planes of existence. – Reiki goes where it is needed, sometimes working on physical plane, sometimes not.

Reiki heals gently. – You do not have to know anything about it and it will still heal.

Do you have to feel anything during that half an hour? – No. If Reiki detects healing should be done on some plane other than physical (say, emotional, mental etc.) then you may not feel anything particular during the session. That, however, does not mean that the healing is not taking place!

What Can You Expect?

A normal Reiki treatment lasts for about an hour or so. You will receive the Energy Pack for half an hour, and sometimes you will be able to see the difference right away, but for the most of the time, be prepared to repeat the treatment several times in a row. That is only normal. Be persistent, Reiki is very powerful but mild. Please don’t be impatient. Your problems did not arise for one night, and they will not be resolved in one session even if it is a Reiki session. You may or may not feel it, but even if you don’t feel it, that may not mean that the energy is not working. In general, you should feel it as a kind of Reiki session — relaxing, deep breathing etc. The General Energy Pack is in fact half an hour of a distance Reiki treatment, only that I have preprogrammed the energy in advance.

You will be able to “download”, that is, receive, this energy once per day. For another Energy Pack, please come the next day and you will be able to download it for that day and so on.

Please Tell Me How It Felt

Please repeat the treatment for several days in a row and only then draw a conclusion. I would very much like to hear about it, so I’ll be sending you an email within a few days and specifically ask you about the effects of all this. Or, if you wish, go to this Energy Pack Comment page and tell me right away how this worked for you.

Testimonials For the General Energy Pack


Hi Dusko,

Thank you for your energy. It seems that yesterday energy pack took my headache away. Other thing I noticed is that half hour or hour after energy pack I get such relaxing feeling that almost fall asleep if sit still.

Have a nice day!


Hi Dusko!

This is Nancy from the Chamber,  I downloaded the Energy pack, a little while a go, I am still sleepy! The experience was very lovely, first I started to become very relax, then all of the sudden I feelt something in my skull, very sweet, tingled like! Thank you so much for this Lovely Gift!

Many Blessings



The energy was very strong, yet  gentle at the same time. Afterwards, I felt very sleepy, and
relaxed. Thanky ou very much for the opportunity to share  in your experiment at this time.

Yours Helen

I tried your Reiki generic energy  pack this morning and received a very nice session of distant
Reiki healing for approximately 30 minutes. It felt as good as most Usui treatments I’ve had, with that signature uplifting relaxation and sweet tone of Reiki energy shining into my body. It’s been a good long while since I’ve had a Reiki healing session just for me, and I forgot how lovely they are. Thanks for this. What a great resource to make available, and a great free perque to the people who visit your site! I like the way you have it set up for one treatment every 24 hours by entering name and email account.



How can you send thease, just instantly by a computer, very strange, intersting to know how it ctually works.


Hello Dusko,

Congratulations, this was a great idea. I felt the gentle Reiki energy very distinctly. All my chakras were activated one by one. It indeed lasted for about half an hour. Afterwards i felt relaxed, yet energized in a subtle way. I am a long-time Reiki Master myself and respond very well to energy treatments. Thank you very much.




I tried your energy pack last night and my crown started tingling the moment I hit the Accept
button and I think I was feeling the energy (so there was some concern over whether I was really feeling your energy pack or whether I had just automatically got something started by thinking about energy) although the energy seemed to increase moments later when I lay down and actually said the words and formed the definite intent- unfortunately it got interrupted in the middle by my 5 year old waking up and wanting me to read her a book – but it seemed like the energy kept flowing while I was doing that and continued afterward. I fell asleep and woke up about 4 hours later.


Hello Dusko,

I took the free Reiki send and did feel a wave of energy. I did a Reiki self treatment at the
same time…felt real sleepy towards the end of 30 minutes. It is nice to have this as an option for receiving Reiki. The information on medical astrology is interesting. Guess it depends on a person which method they prefer to gain insight into conditions. India and other countries probably do consult astrology more than westerners. For myself, for now, I am happy to take advantage of the free page offering Reiki. Thank you.

Happy Healing,



Reiki is an intelligent energy, and knows you better than you do — if applied a sufficient number of times, it will heal you so that everybody will notice the difference.

Stop Searching, Start Healing Yourself!

You are searching the Internet for information on healing, but the General Energy Pack starts healing you right away! Whatever you intend to do — heal yourself, make more money, change lifestyle etc. — Reiki will help, directing more energy to achieving the solution.

You get access to one half of an hour of a true Reiki energy for healing. Receiving Energy Packs is free and you get the same service as if you purchased long distance healing for $35 or $65 per hour from professional distant healers. Since this site will be read only by patients in great need, I decided to help them in grand way — by alleviating their health condition right away!

What is the Catch?

There is no catch, nothing to buy or pay for. But, if you liked this way of healing, then I invite you to become a member of my other site, Attunements and Horoscopes. There you will be able to continually ask me (the “horoscopes” part) about your health or any other problems you might have in life, and then get the appropriate energy (the “attunements” part) to overcome it.

And of course, if there is some other therapy that would help you better, such as, homeopathy, flower remedies, Su Jok acupuncture, crystal healing etc. you’d be the first to know!

Apply for the Energy Packs and Start Healing Yourself Now!

If you already know about Reiki, distant healing or some other notions of alternative medicine, you will grab this opportunity just like that! If this is your first contact with Reiki, do give it a try. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised!


Don’t you owe it to yourself to try the General Energy Pack today?

Sincerely, Dusko Savic

P.S. If the word hysterectomy is new to you, I know how you feel, having seen it done to several women in my family. Let this acquaintaince with Reiki be a start of a new phase in the healing of your entire personality!

P.P.S Energy Packs are free, it costs next to nothing to use them, and there are people who used to return for 10 and 15 days in a row — that’s how they liked the Packs and how useful they were to them. So please give it a try, you will only do a good thing unto yourself.