Endometriosis in the Natal Chart

Endometriosis in the natal chart can be represented in a number of ways. This woman, for example, already has endometriosis for several years. She has never been pregnant and has a history of cysts and slow bowel movements due to adhesions towards the intestines. In the morning of 13th of July 2005 she had pains so sharp that she couldn’t drive the car and had to pull over for the pain to subside. She lives with her boyfriend, who would like to make it a full family, marriage, kids and all. She is reluctant, while the doctors also urge her to give birth as soon as possible. Her blood tests are OK.

Let us have a look at her natal chart.

Endometriosis in the Natal Chart

A medical astrology reading of endometriosis in the natal chart
Endometriosis in the natal chart

Endometriosis is here represented by the Moon in one of the houses of illness. It is the XII house, which means that she should either solve her problems in a hospital, or as if in a hospital — with the same rigeur that is exercised in hospitals. This Moon, in Aquarius and in the XII house, could also do well in a lonely mountain shack, or in an ultra-modern hospital, somewhere near the top of the building. The Moon has an exact sextile to natal Venus, so she might be able to conceive and give birth if she loved that man truly and with all her heart. All other aspects of the Moon are hard. Saturn on 0 Leo is in exact opposition to the Moon and Mercury. To make things worse, Saturn rules the XII house in which the Moon is, while the Moon rules the VI house, in Saturn is. Both planets are in fixed signs, which makes their influence hard to eliminate in the long run. This is a hallmark of chronic problems with uterus and ovaries, all up to cancer.

Uranus is on 6 Scorpio and is a focal point for the axe Mercury, Moon — Saturn. Once again, the Moon is made weaker by a hard aspect to its own ruler, Uranus. Since Saturn co-rules Aquarius, the Moon is doubly weakened by adverse aspects to its rulers.

Endometriosis in Transits

Let us have a look at the next chart, the transits for the end of July 2005:

Transits that cause endometriosis in a horoscope
Endometriosis caused by transits to the natal chart

There is a double transitory opposition to the natal Moon and Mercury. On July 16th 2005 Saturn has entered the sign of Leo and will stay in it until October 2007. The Sun also ingressed into “its own” sign of Leo, empowering the opposition so that it hurt — literally! This also is the first Saturn return to its natal position, a time of many changes for this woman. The first third of life has passed, now she has to be a grown up woman with her own responsibilities — a new role she is not accustomed to, yet.

As it stands, transitory Saturn was at its nearest to the natal position in November 2004, and will not return to 0 Leo anymore. Saturn will be on 2 Leo, in exact opposition to the natal Moon, from Aug 2nd to Aug 7th 2005, and then it will move forward. It will become retrograde on 21st November 2005, on 11 Leo, returning to 4 Leo on April 5th 2006. This is very close to a repetead exact opposition to the natal Moon, which denotes a period of great danger to the health of her reproductive organs.

There is also the danger of retrograde Mars in Taurus. He squares the Moon from 2 Taurus on 2nd and 3rd of August, and these are very dangerous days for her, since Mars will be opposed to the natal Uranus, adding up to a fixed cross. Mars continues his march towards 23 Taurus, where he turns retrograde on October 1st 2005, and then returns to 8 Taurus on December 9th 2005. He will finally leave the sign of Taurus on February 19th 2006. In December 2005 Mars will aspect the natal Moon once again, slowly, since it is his turning point. In spite of this aspect being relatively weak, 6 degrees apart, December is another dangerous month for this woman.

Endometriosis in Progression Chart|

Let us now turn our attention to the progression chart and see whether there is endometriosis as well.

Endometriosis in the secondary progression chart
Endometriosis in the secondary progression chart

Currently (July 2005), the Moon is only in good aspects, trine Uranus in Scorpio and sextile Chiron. In 2002 and 2003 the progressed Moon was opposed to the progressed Saturn on 28 Cancer, but for the moment, she is free. However, there is a strong opposition from progressed Mars on 15 Gemini to the progressed Neptune on 13 Sagittarius, but they are not in the houses of illness. The Moon is, though, and in the middle 2006 will be around 13 and 14 Pisces, emerging as a focal point of the temporary T-square with the Mars vs. Neptun axes. The Moon will leave this dangerous position in mid October 2006; it is dangerous because once again is a square from the ruler of this Moon (Neptun rules Pisces) while adverse aspects of Mars and Neptune yield inflammations, abcesses, pain, puss etc. She will have to be in a constant medical care and treatment in order to survive this gracefully. Since it is endometriosis all over, one of the ways to manage this would be an operation:

— the Moon in XII — hospitals,

— Mars — the knife, surgery,

— Neptune — anesthesia, medicaments.

Endometriosis or Cancer?

Mars is retrograde, on 16 Gemini. This degree is bound to cancer, and at first it seems that she will be safe from it, as Mars is in house IV, which is not one for the illnesses. But, it’s ruler is Mercury on 0 Aquarius, in close conjunction to the natal Moon, and in the most precise opposition to the natal Saturn on 0 Leo. Since 1986, Mercury is retrograde from 8 Aquarius and will remain such until mid 2007, when it will start going direct from 23 Capricorn. It will reach its natal position in 2019 and will pass the natal position of the Moon in 2021. All until then, in her XII house, she will have invisible agents working against her, primarily at the mental level.

Natal Mercury is squared by its ruler, Uranus from Scorpio. She knows of her own weaknesses, especially regards relationships. She has had three longer relationships, and all of them ended in the same manner: she would tell him how it should be, and he would just say that he cannot change that much (Mercury rules the most of the house VII, which desribes the marriage and relationships in general). Since it’s the planet of personal freedom (Uranus) squaring the ruler of the house of marriage (VII), she lives with her latest boyfriend for two years in a row but refuses to make it a formal marriage.

Endometriosis and Pregnancy

She has never been pregnant. The rulers of V, the house for the first pregnancy (regardless of it resulting in giving a birth or not), are exactly those that make the most problems re endometriosis — Mercury and the Moon. Opposition of Saturn means she must wait at least after 30 for the first pregnancy, and that, actually, her time for pregnancy is closer to 38-40 years than to 30. This opposition if made easier by trine/sextile to Venus on the MC, so she will start thinking about pregnancy only after she climbs the corporate top. Currently, she works in large company, but lacks only one exam to graduate from the university. (Jupiter over her IX house will enable her to finish it mid 2006.) In 2007 this same Jupiter will pass over the Venus and MC, which will be some kind of promotion or starting of her own company. At this time Jupiter will enforce the only favourable configuration towards her natal Moon and Mercury, so

a) she should get pregnant as soon as possible, but

b) if not now, then not later then 2007.

Endometriosis and the Hormones

Venus rules over house VIII, the hormones and the course of the first pregnancy. Venus has excellent aspects, particularly the trine to Saturn, which will give a steady flow of hormones. However, the transiting Uranus squared it from 2002 to the end of 2005, making her unhappy and nervous (Fortuna on 1 Pisces, exact square to Venus). In this period the hormones were jumpy, going from high to low and up again, seemingly without control. The same thing may happen in the end of the first pregnancy, since Uranus is near the very end of the VIII house. This usually translates to a Caesarian section, so if the doctors offer it to her, she should agree. The Sun on 12 Capricorn is kind of “lost” — this is, by the way, a degree of finding lost treasures… but what worries more is that it is doubly squared, by Pluto on 11 Libra and Jupiter on 15 Aries. To cut the long story short, her sexual partner may have problems with fertility, so that should be checked too when they finally agree to start working towards being parents. This may particularly be the case for the second pregnancy, as the Sun rules the VII house, but may extend to the third pregnancy as well, since Pluto (squared by Sun) rules the IX house, the house of third pregnancy.

To re-phrase it: this not a good horoscope for child birth, so the sooner it happens (if it happens at all), the better.

Endometriosis and the Solar Return Chart for 2005

Solar return charts are the final confirmation, the third proof that something is inevitable. Let us have a look at her solar return chart for 2005:

Solar return chart for endometriosis
Solar return chart for endometriosis

The Moon is on 26 Virgo, which is the degree of the fall of Venus. That degree is notorious for disabling fertility in women, so this is not a good year for pregnancy. There are two good and three bad aspects to this Moon: — sextile to Saturn; the Moon rules over Saturn through the sign of Cancer, which means that problems with the reproductive organs can be dealt away with, but it has to be an intentional and highly organized effort;

— trine to Chiron on 25 Capricorn is an opportunity for alternative medicine.

The three bad aspects come from Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in stellium from 19 to 22 Sagittarius. The square from Pluto is by far the most ominous and can yield significant problems, such as adhesions, polyps, myoma, cysts… including the closing of the Fallopian tubes. The squares from Venus and Mercury are also difficult, since they rule over the VII house (the marriage), which contains the Moon. Still, the Moon rules over the V house (first pregnancy) and has a favourable aspect to the planet over there (Saturn), so that helps (a bit).

Mercury, Venus, and Pluto are on MC, so if pregnancy happens, it will spoil her other plans, primarily for the corporate career.

In conclusion, this chart brings many problems, but they can all be solved, especially if she gets into a habit of listening to what her partner has to say. For years to come, she should be closely observed by the doctors and alternative practitioner of her choice.

How to Heal Endometriosis in This Case?

At least while the progressed Moon is in Pisces (up to January 2008), homeopathy should be the main resource for healing of endometriosis in this case. Endometriosis is best understood as a homeopathic notion of miasm — in other words, weak genetic material. In this chart, all four miasms exist, so this woman can get ill “in all directions”. Sycotic miasm is specific for endometriosis, so the healing must begin with the corresponding remedy. Here is an excellent general article on endometriosis and homeopathy.

As for the other therapies, in this case, the first to come to mind is Impatiens, from the group of Bach flower remedies. It would primarily counter the attacks of mood swings coming from the hasty Uranus to the mental Mercury, through the natal square of Uranus to Mercury and Moon (feelings).

Herbal remedies, Reiki and Su Jok are not especially indicated in this natal chart as a means of fighting the endometriosis.