Endometrial Ablation To Stop Embarrasing Menstrual Bleeding in Public

There’s a new blog called Three Weddings, the owner of which had an embarrasing experience in public location — an extremely heavy menstrual bleeding. She had to call her husband and he did all the right things in an emergency situation, she almost fell in love with him again! She is now considering endometrial ablation to resolve her bleeding problems, and here is what I have commented on her blog:


For a new blogger, this is certainly a strong start. The challenge, however, is to continue blogging, especially when you don’t feel like it.

Now, I’m a man and let me tell you that women much too often underestimate their hubbies. I certainly like what your hubby did, and I am sure many others would do the same if they were only called to the task. Fetching things for their wifes and kids is what males do best, you only have to ask!

As for the “female” troubles you’ve had, yes, they are very common. Something is seriously wrong with your endocrine glands, but if you talk to your gyno only, he’ll only consider what he knows best, and in this case, those would be the ovaries. The root of your problems is in the pituitary gland, treat that first, and the rest will fall in place, given time and the continuation of proper treatment. It is the pituitary body that commands your ovaries and the thyroid, not vice versa.

I haven’t read all of your blog, but I’m sure you have been considering alternative medicine treatments for your child. Why not consider the same for your gynecological health!? At least, do not fall for the hysterectomy hoax, endometrial ablation is very efficient in many cases (you can see a lot of information about it on my blog). Do try to think out of the box when your health is in danger!

Wishing you and your family all the best

Sincerely, Dusko

She has three daughters (that is what those Three Weddings stand for, in case you haven’t guessed it already), and one of them has a Down syndrome, which, incidentally, is the main theme of her blog.