Can Su Jok Help You Avoid Hysterectomy?

Su Jok started out as modern acupuncture. It was founded in the late 1980’s and is fast gaining acceptance all over the world. The founder is Prof. Park Jae Woo from Korea, where “Su” means “hand” and “Jok” means “foot”. It is a system of healing based on acupunture-like points on hands and feet.

Thumb is the head” is the main motto of Su Jok, meaning that the whole head can be accessed through acupunture points on thumbs. The thumb correlates with the head, the forefinger and little finger with the arms, the third and fourth fingers with the foot, and the palm corresponds to the trunk. From this starting point, Prof. Park developped an enourmous theory with many fields and branches. His system is now called Onnuri, “the whole world” in Korean, and consists of:

. Su Jok,

. Six Ki Therapy,

. Auricular Therapy,

. Head Therapy,

. M-Particle Therapy,

. Color Chakra Acupuncture,

. Twist Therapy,

. Diamond Therapy, and

. Smile Meditation. The list is not finite, since Professor Park is constantly updating and inventing new systems of healing.

What Can Su Jok Heal

Since its inception, Su Jok has spread all over the world, especially in Russia, Ukraine, and India. It is not only cheap therapy, its basics can be learnt within half an hour, there are no drugs administered and there are no side-effects. Anybody can heal themselves and the members of their families through Su Jok!

Best of all, Su Jok produces results. For instance, there are cases of healing myomata of uterus in only one, two or three Su Jok sessions (see bellow)! Su Jok has proven itself in many other areas, such as:


. headaches and epilepsy,

. disorders of the limbs and musculature (fibrositis, rheumatism, lumbago, muscle cramps)

. digestive disorders (nausea, constipation, diarrhea, hepatitis, cardiovascular disorders)

. genitourinary disorders

. gynecological disorders

. sexual dysfunction

. disorders of the eyes, ears, nose and throat

. skin disorders

. nervous system and psychiatric disorders

. obesity

. addiction to alcohol, nicotine and heroin

In the hands of a seasoned Su Jok practitioner, any illness can be treated successfuly, save for those in the very terminal stages.

The Esence of Healing with Su Jok

If an organ is ill, it will be represented as a point of pain under pressure on the hands and feet. The pain is there because on the point that corresponds to the organ, a small sphere of lactic acid is present. Here is the picture:

Su Jok, hand, energy healing

The point of pain can be pinpointed through a sharp object, such as a tip of the pencil. It looks like this:

The pain when the point that leads to the diseased organ is pressed upon is extreme and unbearable for any period longer than a few seconds. Once the point of pain is discovered, you can apply needles, magnets, moxas, laser, light lamps, color marks, seeds or pressure on it and the energy will be directly available to the diseased organ! More energy means more health — a very easy and efficient system of healing!

Systems of Correspondence

All organs of the body are represented on the left and right hands and feet. For instance, here is the representation on the left hand:


Su Jok Diagnostics

You can atest that this works right now. Stop reading, take a pencil or some other sharp object and start pressing around the parts of the hand that are corresponding to the parts of the body that you know you have a problem. Don’t stop at the point of sharp pain, continue probing until you find the point of extreme pain — such a pain that you start twitching, crying or wanting that the pain stops immediately. Under the pressure, you will be able to feel a small sphere around which the the worst pain lies. The diagnostic phase is over! and you can start healing. Actually, the very act of pressing on the painful point is a cure in itself, you can go on pressing like that (not really advisable) or you can apply some other kind of influence on that point.

The Tools for Su Jok

You can:

. use a special, really small needle for Su Jok and apply it to the painful point;

. fix a magnet over the point,

. fix a seed over the point,

. apply a moxa (you should really know what your’e doing in this one),

. massage the area around the point,

. apply a special Su Jok lamp on the point,

. put a color dot on the point etc.

Professionals Use the Needles

For professional work, needles are the best. They should be in the body for about half an hour; if another sessions is in order, the same needles are usually sterilized and applied only on that patient again. When the treatment is over, all the needles from one patient are disposed of. If only one session is indicated, the needles are disposed of immediately. In this way, there is no fear of transferring any infection from patient to patient.

There usually is no bleeding when the needles are inserted, since they need not go far into the body — the ball of pain is always situated right beneath the skin.

Other Tools

For children, needles are not suitable, only lamps and colors. Magnets work fabulously as well (for best effect, get special magnets for Su Jok). Natural seeds can work for anybody. You are free to use any seed you like, however, be guided by a possible similarity between the seed and the organ treated. For kidneys, take beans; for brain, take walnut, and so on. You can always use pepper, it is universaly available and very “active”. If you use seeds for any length of time, you will note that after one or two sessions, the seeds lose their power, become dry etc. Just take another seed and go on with the treatment.

If you are not sure where is the point of strongest pain, you can put several seeds together and fix them over the entire correspondent region. Magnets should be worn for two hours, colors for four. However, there are many case histories of prolongued use of magnets and there doesn’t seem to be any ill consequences.

Applying Su Jok to Gynecological Problems

Here is a simplified scheme for gynecological problems:

The picture shows where to insert the needles for uterus on hands and feet. If there are problems with ovaries as well, use three needles per hand or foot. For best effect, apply the needles on both hands and feet at the same time. In Su Jok literature, there is an example of such a treatment, and the fibroid of uterus disappeared after three sessions, that is, after three days of treatment!

Through my astrology practice, I have met a women who had Group III of Pap test, with possible complications ahead. She went to a Su Jok specialist and was given one session. Seeing the positive effect, she ordered her own set of needles, applied them and held them for eight hours in a row! After that, she had Group II again.

NOTA BENE. Do not do this yourself, it was her intuition that guided her; I’m telling you this so that you can see that Su Jok — in spite of its simplicistic outlook — works!

The Seed Therapy

Whatever acute problem you have with genitals, apply three seeds on the points of uterus and ovaries and wear them as long as you can. If during the day is not appropriate, be sure to wear them through the night — heal yourself while sleeping!

Again, in case that all this looks just too good to be true, know that there are cases where prolongued wearing of seeds, for several months in a row, cured severe cases of endometriosis!

Other Correspondent Systems

If this were the whole story of Su Jok, it would still be “the greatest medical discovery of the 20th century”. But there is much more to Su Jok itself, not counting the other Onnuri theories and systems. The correspondent system that was shown in the pictures above is not the only correspondent system that exists! It turns out that there are about a dozen or more systems of correspondence, and it is the practitioner’s free will to choose this or that correspondence system. Although through all these systems you can reach out to any part of the body, not all of them are equal for practical purposes.

Other Possibilities in Su Jok

In Su Jok you can directly heal through

. chakras,

. acupuncture meridians,

. Byol meridians, and

. points around the nails.

Through so-called branching you can describe any condition in the patients body and mind, and you can reach out and heal it through points on the skin. There is lot to learn and for complicated cases you should ask for a licenced Su Jok practitioner. But by all means, Su Jok in its most basic form is simple to use, so use it as much as you can.