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Yoga And Menopause Video

When menopause hit her in her early fifties, Lennie realized it really is the time of Change in a woman's life and now, a decade later, she devotes a large part of her practice to helping the women with similar problems. She does prescribe human identical biohormones when needed, however, most of the time she has her clients battle the Change in some of the alternative ways. Menopause often is a change towards spirituality and yoga is a natural choice, then. Here is the video:

How Is Yoga Helpful For Women Going Through Menopause?

Most of the menopause symptoms are cause by erratic flow of hormones, particularly estrogen and progesteron. For a while they are high, then they fall way too down, then they come on strong again and so on. It is a kind of hormonal and emotional roller-coaster ride and can be seen as one, two or more of the following symptoms:

hot flashes
heavy congestion
irregular heavy bleeding
tender breasts
joint aches
problems with sleeping
night sweats
changes in mental functioning, such as forgetting things and trouble concentrating (brain fog).

Many women have these symptoms in a mild form, and eventually, the problems will subside in a few years after periods stop.

Also, this yoga and menopause video mentions other problems that can arise from the lack of estrogen, such as frequent urination, vaginal dryness and skin changes, but the body will never be totally without the hormones. The are continually produced from body fat and adreno glands. Yoga can help the body to produce those hormones in sufficient quantities. The way yoga does this is by increasing circulation and decreasing muscle tension.

Yoga also reduces stress, which indirectly shows in production of sex hormones. Some muscle groups lose their tone without estrogen, and it may result in having to urinate more often, feeling discomfort during urination and involuntary leaking of urine. Yoga increases muscle tone by increasing and decreasing the tone of muscle groups.

In the legs, yoga can help with varicose veins and ankle swelling.

Yoga can relax tensed muscles, so it can be useful to reduce pain in the back, shoulder and neck. Tense muscles in the skull can result in lower circulation, which is seen as loss of hair or headaches. Tense muscles store stress and worries, so it pays up to relieve them and let the stress go.

For years, medical community thought that artificial sex hormones (HRT -- hormone replacement therapy) will work just about the same as if the true hormones were present. Recent research shows that is just isn't so, so alternative ways of attaining proper hormonal levels must be researched and practised. If the conditions are right, yoga can be just the ticket to your better menopausal health.

Astrological Remarks on the Yoga and Menopause Video

Yoga in the natal chart is represented through a connection of Mars, the planet of physical action, to your sub-consciousness, which is usually represented through

the 12th house
the sign of Pisces
the planet Neptun, as the ruler of the Pisces
the ruler(s) of the 12th house

If there is a beneficial aspect from the ruler of the 8th house to the Mars and some of the elements mentioned above, yoga can become a fine tool for overcoming menopausal problems. If however, there are adverse aspects, the woman who reaches out for yoga to help her with menopause, may find the exercises too stressful, and in case of, say, already present osteoporosis, downright dangerous.

Final Advice From the Yoga and Menopause Video

So, is yoga for you? Give it some thought beforehand:

Can you incorporate yoga lessons into your current daily schedule?
Can you find an experienced Yoga teacher sufficiently close?
Avoid certain positions if you already have known medical problems, such as osteoporosis.
Work with your regular health practitioner in conjunctions with your Yoga teacher to solve your current menopausal problems.

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