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Energy Healing To Avoid Hysterectomy

There are dozens and hundreds of energy healing methods, modalities, ideas, practices. It is impossible to use them all, and neither should you. The goal set for this site is to enable you to find a proper therapy or combination of therapies for your own case.


You have your own free will and can exercise it within the boundaries of your natal chart. (Don't worry if this looks like a restriction. Practically no one can fulfill all the potentials that are dormant in his or her natal chart.) Following the advice the astrologer gives you, you can change the flow of energy within the chart and thus buy yourself a break.

The best example of this was a lady with the Moon in Cancer, in the IX house, the house of factories and industrial plants. Due to bad behaviour of her husband, she was diagnosed breast (the Moon) cancer (the Moon in the sign of Cancer). How did she get of out of that? She founded a furniture factory and thus remodelled the flow of energy: the sign of Cancer -- home, the IX house -- the factory. She still remembers the fun and the thrill when she first went alone with a driver in a lorry, to buy the wood for the furniture. Instead of feeling betrayed, she searched within herself and found just what is written in the natal chart, thus switching the negative emotions to the positive and constructive ones. To put it in other words, she redirected her feelings from inwards (where her body got too much unwanted energy and formed a lump in the breast) to outwards, towards the world.

Nine years later, she is healthy according to her age, her factory is thriving (40 employees) and she came to me to see whether to raise a loan for a new factory building... and lest I not forget, her husband was working for her, in her own factory!

If the astrologer is any good, and you are willing, listening to his or her advice can heal your life before it reached any worse phase. If you want the change to take place as easily as possible, think about Reiki and Bach flower remedies. Remedies such as Sweet Chestnut and Walnut will help you change, although the other remedies may be welcome too.

Here are the articles at this site to see how you can predict the future of your illness:

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Reiki is the ultimate form of energy healing. Through Reiki, you gain access to Universal Life Energy. You can receive it or, if you are attuned to Reiki yourself, you can transmit it to you or to somebody else. There are many sites which will send you Reiki continually, say once a day, and you can also ask me for such a service, of course, completely free of charge.

Through affirmations, Reiki can direct energy towards healing the causes of your gynecologial illness.

Reiki Treatment

Long distance Reiki treatment

Bach Flower Remedies

You take these as pills or as mixture in water. These are the true remedies for negative emotional states, thoughts, feelings etc. Can really help you in states of emotional crises, but can also help you decide for hysterectomy or against it. In the sense of energy healing, flower remedies repair the broken layers in aura and thus confine the negative influences. Flower essences are usually combined with other forms of energy healing, such as homeopathy, Reiki, massage, medical astrology etc. Especially useful is a combination of five flower remedies for emergency situations, which is sold ready-made and is called Rescue Remedy.


Homeopathy can really heal you, even if nothing else cannot. Here are the links to gradually introduce you to the notions and usefulness of homeopathy:

The Place of Homeopathy in Alternative Medicine

The Role of Homeopathy in Healing Gynecological Problems

Click on endometriosis and homeopathy to see how homeopathy can help you erase genetic predispositions to illnesses.

Su Jok

This is another method of healing that can remove fibroids of uterus, endometriosis or similar disorders. It is a kind of modern acupuncture.


Not all healing must be an "energy healing". Using herbs for healing is probably the oldest method of healing at all.


Radionics is a controversial branch of energy healing, in which you have rates (numerical codes) for every imaginable healthy or pathological state of the body and decide for or against it by means of a pendulum. If you know what you are doing, it can be your prime weapon against any disease.


With any radionics machine you can make homeopathical, flower, crystal and other energy remedies, but with vibropathy you get a complete system of healing. If it can be healed at all, it can be healed using vibropathy only.


Enzymes are somewhere in the middle of pure energy healing methods and healing with material doses. Hysterectomy-wise, two mixtures of enzymes stand out, and both are for eradicating uterine fibroids. Those would be Vitalzym and Neprinol.

Enzymes are just like vitamins -- necessary for moving energy around in the body and for transforming it from one form to another. The reason everybody knows about vitamins and not that many people know about enzymes is that, historically, first it became possible to make and market artificial vitamins, while artificial enzymes became widely available only in the last decade or so. Now that is possible to make long chains of enzyme particles, practically all enzymes can be synthetised and thus used to the benefit of all. In this particular case, Vitalzym and Neprinol seem to eradicate uterine fibroids without any surgical intervention, at least that seems to be the experience that I've read on the Internet.

Yoga And Menopause Video

Yoga is an ancient art of balancing body and spirit. In yoga and menopause video, you can see how yoga can help with menopausal changes.

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