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Rescue Remedy -- Neutralize Fear and Shock, Now!

Rescue Remedy is a mixture of the following five Bach flower remedies:

Clematis -- not interested in current moment, dreaming away how awful the situation might be, fuzzy-brain, not quite yourself, light-headedness.

Star of Betlehem -- mental or physical consequences of a shock, helps dealing with trauma or sudden loss.

Rock Rose -- sudden changes, extreme cases of night terror, frozen with fear, helplessness.

Impatiens -- extreme mental tension, irritation, nervy, frustrated, other people seem so slow.

Cherry Plum -- prevents loss of control over physical actions, on the verge of breakdown, so despaired that you could lose you sanity; violent impulses, explosions of sudden rage.

Rescue remedy should be with you whenever you go to doctor for an examination. If the doctor told you to have a hysterectomy, it must have been a shock for you and your family, so take Rescue remedy to overcome the shock and gain calmness of mind. Take it both before and after the session with the doctor.

Where Can Rescue Remedy Help!?

If you should have any kind of intrusive inspection, intervention or operation, take Rescue remedy with you and you will feel less pain, blood will flow less and you will reconvalescense much faster than anticipated.

Take it before and after watching a horror movie, before and after a visit to a dentist or a doctor. Stress, bad news, before (and after) an exam or a job interview, in any case of traffic accident. In children, it will stop tantrums, fear generally and specifically while being driven in cars, women in labor and especially after labor. Can be used as a chronic remedy for pain.

Since it is an emergency remedy, you can take it right from its bottle, say 2-4 drops. If that is not possible, for instance, if the patient is in great pain and cannot control himself or herself, you can sip drops from the bottle without asking, as close to the place of lesion as possible.

You can also buy it as a spray, and then it is even easier to apply it.

The range of possible uses of Rescue Remedy is enormous. The remedies in it cover all sudden changes and the fear arising from it.

Before And After the Hysterectomy

Taken before, Rescue Remedy may well be the only remedy that you need for psychological preparation for the surgery. The Mimulus part will eliminate any fear for the outcome of the hysterectomy, while Clematis will help with the disorientation from the anesthetics. Taken as a whole, it will lower or completely eliminate pain for some time.

It has been measured that taking the Rescue Remedy before and after the major surgery will lower the quantity of blood in the wounds.

Work-related Stress

For instance, if you are afraid that too many challenges at work will ruin you. Sudden changes, unexpected events.

Presentations To Superiors Or Large Groups

So many people are afraid to go out and speak in public. However, since they know what are they afraid of, Mimulus, which is a part of Rescue Remedy, will help them eliminate the fear.

People usually think how embarrasing their mistakes will be and then continue to feed themselves in that way -- Clematis will help here, since it will cut the projection to bad events that have never happened except in your head.

Air Travel

This is a concrete fear, so it would be a case for Mimulus. And if anything happens, Impatiens and Cherry Plum will make you the most self-centered passenger, not the brain-scattered one.

Auto Accidents

That would a clasic case of using Rescue Remedy, since its entire mix shines best exactly for occurences like these: Rock Rose for sudden changes to the worst, Impatiens to be able to wait for the help to come, Mimulus and Clematis to stop torturing yourself from imagining it the worse than it is etc. A must!

Traffic Jams

Impatiens in Rescue Remedy will stop you from being, well, impatient.


Mimulus will help you overcome the fear from failure, Clematis will stop you from thinking how far reaching consequence it will all have upon you and so on.

Although, for interviews, for which you usually know in advance that they will take place, I'd take Larch for self-confidence, Scleranthus to pick that right word at the right time, and Chestnut Bud, to understand clearly where the interview is going to.

And I'd take just Rescue Remedy after the interview, several times, to get up to my usual self as soon as possible. Later that evening, I'd also take White Chestnut to avoid thinking about the stressful day and to be able to sleep well.

Dentist/Doctor Appointments

It is a measurable fact that Rescue Remedy will eliminate much of the blood after a dentist or surgical intervention. So, before and after every such intervention, take Rescue Remedy. If, however, the doctor appointment takes on another purpose and/or goal, such as deciding upon the next best course of action, I'd take Wild Oat just for good measure, to be able to choose from the best of available alternatives.

Whatever it was all about, take Rescue Remedy after the appointment is finished. Star of Betlehem will save you fromt he shock, either physcal or mental, or both at once.


Here Impatiens and Clematis from Rescue Remedy come to the fore. Impatiens will stop you from saying what you don't mean, while Clematis will prevent exaggerating on what the other side meant.

Cherry Plum is also important because it will stop you from taking physical action. (It is one thing to quarrel just in words, and it is quite another thing to hit and physically hurt someone, in which case, be sure to give Rescue Remedy at once!)

In astrological terms, Uranus on Sun and/or Mercury, would make a quarrel unforgetable (Impatiens will counteract that). If with Mars, someone will be hit, and if with Pluto, it will be severe violence, with unreplenishable consequences. If at all possible, stop the fight just to take Rescue Remedy and it will rescue both of you!

School Exams

Rescue Remedy is a good fit for school exams: Mimulus will prevent you the fear, and the presence of Clematis will give you clear, undistracted mind. But during preparations for the exam, I'd add Larch, Scleranthus and Chestnut Bud (as exaplained above under Interviews), with some Hornbeam as well, in order to be able to study dilligently.


Childbirths is another classical application for Rescue Remedy. Mimulus for the fear of how will it transpire, Rock Rose for the sudden change of circumstances (now the baby is in, now it's outside!), and Cherry Plum, especially. Cherry Plum is about physical voice, so if the woman is producing any sounds (and they all do during the labour, they shout, yell, cry, swear, moan...), Cherry Plum will help her in no time at all.

Impatiens is particularly appropriate since the woman would like it to be over as soon as possible, and Star of Betlehem will help especially when the labour is over.

Rescue Remedy can also be taken as a general remedy for pain, regardless of the cause, so childbirth and Rescue Remedy should go together. If you yourself are going to be in labor, explain to the people that will be around you that you will need that little bottle to be always with you, and that they should sip a few drops from it into your mouth from time to time.

Child Care

Right after the baby comes to this world, it is very frightened and shocked. From a nice little watery world, here we come to breathe and where's the food!?! Rescue will help immensely any child right after the birth, and later as well, especially while they are too small to clearly communicate what they need.

If the child suddenly starts crying in the middle of the night, your best bet is to give it a few drops of Rescue Remedy. In almost all cases, it will go to sleep right away, and if it doesn't, you'll know that something serious might be troubling your baby and you can concentrate upon finding what it is.

Suppose you have to drive the baby to the doctor and that the baby has to be on the rear seat, alone? It will cry for sure... and then again, maybe not -- if you give the babe Rescue Remedy before and after the drive!

Sudden Bad News

Rock Rose covers the "sudden" aspect, Clematis will stop you from projecting your thinking towards the worst possible end, and Star of Betlehem will heal you from grief and shock. Impatiens will give you time to think clearly, without the need for anything to be done right away, while Cherry Plum will prevent any rush action.

Of course, once the bad news reaches you and you start dealing with its consequnces, other remedies should apply. If the bad news was that someone is dead, for example, one of the further remedies to consider would be Walnut, if someone is missing, White Chestnut would be a good remedy to stop thinking about it and so on.

The Secret of Rescue Remedy

There are 38 remedies in the Bach Flower Remedies set, and yet Rescue Remedy is sold on its own, as the 39th bottle. Why? If you had the entire set of 38 bottles, why don't you mix it yourself, why just don't add the ingredients from the bottle you already have?

The reason Rescue Remedy is so effective is that it is not a simple compound of five other remedies. It is made "in the factory" by mixing the contents of these five remedies but in a dillution once removed from the dillution in which the Bach flower remedies are usually sold. Although the scale is not linear, we could roughly say the ingredients in the Rescue Remedy are "twice" stronger than in the bottles of the same name when sold alone. So, if you have the ingredients, you can make the same mixture, but the effect will not be as strong as in the original package.

Five Flower Remedy

Rescue Remedy is a registered name and only the Bach Center from the UK has the rights to it. If you want to make and sell Rescue Remedy, you can, but you may not call it that way. Other producers have invented other names, one of them is Five Flower Remedy and there may be others.

Rescue Remedy Cream

Rescue Remedy is also sold as a cream and then it contains the sixth ingredient, Crab Apple, for cleansing. Rescue Remedy Cream should be applied to skin only, in case of bruises, cuts, sores, eczema, acne, rosacea, skin allergies, insect bites etc.

Rescue Sleep

Rescue Sleep is a combination of Rescue Remedy and White Chestnut, and does help one sleep better. The remedies in Rescue eliminate the fear from tomorrow, and help one relax from the hard day, while White Chestnut relieves from all additional thoughts. The result is a refreshing sleep, regardless of what your problems are!

Rescue Remedy in Combinations of Remedies

It is possible to take Rescue Remedy in conjunction with other remedies, especially homeopathic. A homeopathic remedy Aconite with Rescue Remedy will relieve stress either in humas or their pets, and there are other homeopathic remedies such as:

Arnica -- for physical shock, bruises, cuts, wounds, problematical circulation etc.

Passiflora -- restores nervous system down, will enable good sleep over the night,

Ignatia -- a strong feeling of guilt for the events of the day,

Opium -- passive state, lost, no consciousness, brain insults etc.

It is also possible to treat Rescue Remedy as a mother tincture and potentize it up to the potency of 50 M or CM, then apply it as a homeopathic remedy, with equaly excellent results.

A Word of Warning, Though

There are so many circumstances in which Rescue Remedy is useful, that it almost makes a habit to prescribe it first to any patient. It may be true that if you must come to doctor or health practitioner of any kind, you have already had your share of problems, fear and impatience to overcome it all, so Rescue Remedy seems appropriate... Nevertheless, if you want to be sucessful in energy healing, it pays to listen to the individual that is sick, and to try to heal from within. Blindly giving every patient to drink two or four drops from this magic bottle, will not solve their problems and neither should you think that it will. Rescue Remedy is prescribed much to often and then the patients complain how that did not solve the problems, how energy healing is cheap in more sense than one and so on!

I've had some spectacular successes with prescribing flower remedies, especially if done astrologically, based on the natal chart, actual transits and the concrete evidence through the patient himself or herself. But it wouldn't have worked by just giving them a bottle of Rescue Remedy -- what if their problems were not those covered by the five remedies in it?

Having said that, I'd still urge you to get a bottle of Rescue Remedy, and use it as much as you can. If you do it as just a consumer, that may be a very good first encounter with energy healing. If you, however, want to heal others, say, the members of your family, then you'll have to dig deeper...

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