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An Example of A Personal Healing Plan for Endometriosis


The personal healing plan for endometriosis is strictly individualized, with methods of healing and remedies deducted from an online interview and the client's natal chart.

Endo for Life

The woman in question has backache practically all her life, with each and every menstruation. 18 years ago she had laser ablation of the uterus. The pain subsided for two years, then gradually began to return, and now is debilitaiting. For pain, she was given Percocet, why she was still young, and sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not. In her mid-thirthies, she was given injections of Lupron, because the doctor was hoping to bring her into an early menopause. There was no pain during those six months, but as soon as the injections stopped, all the problems came back.

For years after that she was taking the pill in order to sedate the pain, and it was working to an extent. A few months ago, the doctor took her off the pill, and ever since then the back pain is making her miserable. For instance, she cannot sleep for two days and nights in a row, that's how the pain is acute.

In conjunction to all that, she works at home but leads a very stressful life, with no letup for the past three years.

Deriving A Personal Healing Plan for Endometriosis From Her Natal Chart

Here are the key configurations from her natal chart.

The old Chinese wisdom has that that endometriosis stems from a problematic liver and that, correspondingly, if one manages the liver right, the endometriosis will subside. In astrology, Jupiter represents the liver and in this chart it is on 22 Cancer, with Uranus on 23 Cancer, squared by Neptune on 26 Libra. Cancer is about abdomen, while Libra is about the back, the lower part of the spine. Uranus with Jupiter means that the endometriosis gets its "food" from the additional energy that circulates through the nervous system, while the influence of Neptune makes body unreadable by the usual medical equipment.

Jupiter is relatively fast, but Uranus and Neptune are not, so all these configurations are somewhat generational. It means that millions of women have the same configuration but that not that many of them will have endometriosis. To individualize chart, we turn to midpoints, a well-known astrological technique for at least a half of century, and yet, it is not that much widespread as it should be. In this chart, we see the following midpoints around Jupiter.

JU = MO / MA

(You should read this as Jupiter is conjuncting, squaring or opposing the middle point of natal Moon and Mars positions. Regardless of the aspect, the influence is strong and very vivid in the chart and life of this person.)

MO is the Moon, in astrology, the primary significator of the uterus. MA is for Mars, the muscle tissue of the uterus, the inner layer called endometrium. Jupiter enlarges, so JU = MO / MA quite literally describes parts of the enlarged (JU) muscles (MA) of the uterus (MO), going to "faraway" places since all this is in the 9th house, the house of "going abroad". So, these are the enlarged parts that leave they natural place of the body... a textbook definition of endometriosis.

JU = SO / VE

She has never been pregnant, yet every woman is born to eventually be. The unspent maternal energy must still reside somewhere inside the body. Venus generally gives small tumors, but with Jupiter, it will give lots (JU) of them (VE). This is also the energy of unspent love, materializing as something round and magnetically attached to the rest of the body... adhesions and polyps, perhaps!?.

Uranus is also in orbis, short-routing from stress to endometriosis.

Further analyis also shows that the Ascendant is on 15 Scorpio, a degree of the right ovary. Saturn is on 18 Scorpio, a degree of the ligaments of the uterus. Saturn is squared by its ruler, Pluto, from 24 Leo, which makes these degrees and their organs all the more fragile. That square can also give constipation, and slow passage through the colon. Saturn on 18 Scorpio is directly opposed to the natal Mercury, also on 18 Taurus. Merkur rules the eighth house of hormones, Saturn slows them down, so there ain't that much hormones to work with, and that is the fundamental problem in this chart.

Herbal and homeopathic remedies

Since from your chart we have seen that the liver really causes endometriosis, the idea is to take a remedy that will heal both the liver and endometriosis at the same time. That remedy exists and is called Endo Ex. You need to take it for some six months or so to see the effects.

Here is what Endo Ex contains:

Vitex agnus-castus (Chasteberry) is a hormone-balancing herb. It reaches directly towards the pituitary gland and from there regulates the hormonal balance and menstruatio. Thus, it is useful in treatments of endometriosis, PMS and dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation). Chasteberry helps the liver to process and excrete estrogen, and so will help in all problems of the so-called estrogen dominance, the prime examples of which are uterine fibroids and endometriosis.

Angelica senensis (Don Quai) balances hormones and is one the best herbs for female reproductive disorders in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its particular "domains of expertise" are irregular periods, polycystic ovarian syndrome, estrogen dominance and endometriosis. Don Quai is also a well-known liver tonic and blood pressure regulator.

Silybum marianus (Milk Thistle) protects the liver viruses, pollution, stress and toxins, and has been used for liver cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis (liver inflammation), and gallbladder disorders. It also lowers cholesterol levels and, as an anti-oxydant, reducing the growth of cancer cells in breast, cervical, and prostate cancers.

Dioscorea villosa (Chinese Yam) is an excellent natural liver and nervous system tonic. It is also known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties and will decrease menstrual pain as well as inflammation associated with endometriosis that leads to scar tissue. It is the plant that the original Pill was deduced from.

Viburnum opulus (in the potency of 30C, wrongly known as European Cranberrybush, also called Guelder-rose) is a homeopathic remedy known for its effectiveness in treating painful menstruation, especially backache. It is a general remedy for cramps. Will often prevent miscarriage. Resolves spasmodic and congestive affections of ovarian and uterine origin.

The Homeopathic Part of the Personal Healing Plan for Endometriosis

In this chart, endometriosis is present for the entire life. That is why I would include here a homeopathic remedy called Medorrhinum 1M, a miasm that enables endometriosis to thrive. In case you woudn't know what a miasm is, it is an underlying genetical predisposition that makes us susceptible to a whole gamut of illnesses. In homeopathy, this is called a sycotic miasm, and has a multitude of appearances, such as cysts, warts, tumors, polyps, asthma, ADD, "hyper" states such as hyperactivity, hyperthyroidism, various inflammations, cystitis, colitis, bronchitis etc.

And what can you do to make it worse -- oh well, just the usual, you know: dietary mistakes, allergy shots, vaccinations, antibiotics, cortisone, troubled emotions, birth control pills... We have all of this in this chart, and no wonder endometriosis is rampant in her body.

Take Medorrhinum three times 12 hours apart, for example, in the evening, in the morning and in the evening. Repeat after two weeks, for a total of eight weeks (every two weeks you take it three times, 12 hours apart).

There are other homeopathic remedies to consider, and it is possible to add them later if needed.

The Bach Flower Remedies Part of the Personal Healing Plan for Endometriosis

This is the mixture I specifically made for this client. Please understand that in every other case some other mixture would be needed, this is not a generic mixture for everyone suffering from endometriosis.

Rock Rose -- scared, moments of panic,

Mimulus -- general fear from endometriosis,

Scleranthus -- brings clarity of mind, expels hesitation and procrastination,

Gorse -- will help you stand up and fight in your difficult condition, gives new hope and somehow makes the good destiny come to you,

White Chestnut -- will stop unwanted thoughts from reappearing, and will enable you to sleep well

Impatiens -- the most imporant remedy for you, because Uranus is so near Jupiter and its midpoints, Will also help alleviate the pain without pharmaceutical drugs.

Crab Apple -- an internal cleanser, will help the debris go away.

There is another remedy to consider, since she is in constant pain, and that is Rescue Remedy. It will do wonders for pain, note, it will not heal per se, but at least temporarily will "do something" for pain.

(If you cannot sleep, an excellent solution is Rescue Sleep, which is a combination of Rescue Remedy and White Chestnut. However, since she would be already taking White Chestnut in the above combination, the only thing to buy is Rescue Remedy itself.)

Taking Flower Remedies

First you need to make a mixture of these remedies. You do not take the remedy directly from those seven bottles, instead, you need yet another bottle of 30 ml. Fill it with spring water or distilled water up to two thirds, then open, say, the Rock Rose bottle, put 2-4 drops into the treatment bottle, close it, then repeat for each of the six remaining bottles. When done away with the seventh bottle, put them away, label the treament bottle with some name and date, and put on a separate piece of paper the date and the ingredients that went into the bottle.

You should take this mixture as long as you take Endo Ex, that is, for some 5-6 months. Drink the mixture at least 4 times a day, in your case, take it as frequent as you can, at least for the first two months.

After you drink the entire treatment bottle, make another one, drink from it for the next 10 or 12 days, and so on.

The Reiki Part of the Personal Healing Plan for Endometriosis

With Reiki you will be able to diminish the pain and heal yourself at the same time.

If you have already had any experience with Reiki, you will know what to expect, if not, Reiki session will look somewhat like a trance. You may feel sleepy, drowsy, and generally, very relaxed. Given with persistence and given in an sufficiently large quantities, Reiki will heal anything on its own, including endometriosis. However, it is not possible to say in advance what will happen, please have a look at the Reiki pages on this and many other sites for the process of healing with Reiki.

Consider being attuned to Reiki; Reiki is probably the best anti-stress tool there is.