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Fibroid Treatments

Fibroid treatments have as their common goal to eradicate fibroids in the uterus while preserving the uterus itself. (Hysterectomy is the ultimative surgical treatment for fibroids, but at the cost that many do not to want pay.) Medical doctors seem not to believe that there exists anything that will cure uterine fibroids, so they go through the motions of prescribing this or that, somehow hoping that the patient will become fatigued with all the wrong approaches and be made to ask for the elective hysterectomy herself.

Uterine fibroid
is a tumor of muscles in the uterus. Another name for them is myoma, which is short for the more technical name -- leiomyoma. Women can endure an entire pregnancy or two with uterine fibroids present, but there are cases in which they produce heavy menstrual bleeding, pain and various others types of discomfort.

If you naively add the notion of "surgery" to the notion of "uterine fibroids", you end up thinking that the standard surgical way of dealing with the fibroids would consist of cutting them out and leaving the womb in place (the technical term for such an operation is myomectomy). However, myomectomy is more complicated for the surgeon to perform than hysterectomy, so when a surgeon talks about surgery for uterine fibroids, he or she mainly thinks and/or proposes straight hysterectomy. Trusting doctors, patients perform their own leap of faith and head straight to hysterectomy, often unaware of many other alternatives, be them surgical or alternative in nature.

Energy Healing Methods To Avoid Hysterectomy

Before hysterectomy, try everything else there is:

. homeopathy,

. herbal remedies and treatments,

. Reiki and similar energies,

. Su Jok etc.

Fibroid treatments can also be taken as a combination, especially if you want to include "softer" energy healing methods such as Reiki, flower remedies, and EFT. It should be noted, though, that homeopathy and Su Jok can cure fibroids all on their own, so if you want to try a Do It Yourself approach, while waiting out for the official medicines to work, you can. To make things even more interesting, many of the classical fibroid treatments can be replicated on an energy level, so it certainly pays to learn about all these possibilities. Herbal remedies can help you too, but it seems that the most hope comes from using special combinations of enzymes, that are geared to removing the fibroids without surgery.

To decide which method would be the best in the given period, have a look at astrohomeopathy case of uterine fibroids page.

Surgical Fibroid Treatments


Myomectomy is taking only the fibroids out, while preserving the uterus. The goal is to leave the possibility of getting pregnant some time later. Unfortunately for millions of women, myomectomy is a much more complicated operation as compared to hysterectomy, so surgeons that get paid by operation, tend to suggest hysterectomy as a shorther procedure for them. The result is dozens and hundreds of thousands of unneeded hysterectomis, especially in the USA, UK and the rest of the so-called Western World.

Endometrial ablation

When there is too much bleeding and it does not respond to any other medical approach, destroying the endometrium, the inner lining of the uterus that actually bleeds, is a good idea. The womb remains almost intact, the procedure is not long or bothersome (as compared to a full hysterectomy, of course), but the possibility of getting pregnant is destroyed forever.

Uterine artery embolization

Uterine balloon therapy


Hormonal Pharmacological Fibroid Treatments

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Non-Hormonal Pharmacological Fibroid Treatments

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