Operative Hysteroscopy For Intrauterine Adhesions Video

The operative hysteroscopy for intrauterine adhesions video shows the procedure also known as adhesiolysis for treating Ashermann's syndrome. The surgeon is Dr Anjali Malpani.

The video first shows the uterine cavity as the the surgeon sees it on the video screen. This cavity is small and distorted because of the adhesion, due to a scar on the inside wall of the uterus. The adhesion divided the cavity into two parts. The surgeon cuts through the adhesion with a hysteroscopic cutting knife, which uses electricity. The goal is not only to resect the adhesion but to eliminate the scar itself.

Once the resection was done, the video shows how the uterine cavity opened up and normalized the uterus. This woman will undergo further IVF treatment, but now her chances of conceiving are greatly increased, since the uterus is almost normal now.

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