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Endometriosis Treatment

Overview of the Endometriosis Treatment

The most suitable treatment must take into account the state of the patient's health, together with fertility / infertility plans and issues that the patient has. The treatment may be directed at pain management and removal only, and any type of estrogen reducing therapy will do in that regard. To achieve pregnancy, either surgery, or infertility treatments, or both may have to be undertaken.

Conventional Endometriosis Treatments

Conventional endometriosis treatments have no theoretical background to call upon. They think it has something to do with wrong auto-immune answers inside the body, but have no means of acting upon that idea. Then they say, your hormone mix is wrong, let us fix that and see what happens. That still is not curing the root of the disease and no wonder so many women are terrified when they hear this diagnosis.

The most usual conventional endometriosis treatments are:
Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs for control of pain,
Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) Agonists for suppression of hormones,
Pregnancy and Childbirth
Birth Control Pills
Suppresive Steroids with Androgenic Activity
Aromatase Inhibitors

The next on the menu are surgical methods, such as laparoscopy, laparotomy, hysterectomy and presacral neurectomy. No wonder women ask is there something else, a touch of alternative medicine perhaps!?

Alternative Endometriosis Treatments

In alternative endometriosis treatments you go deeply to cure the cause. On this site you can read about the following energy healing methods, but see below for an even more rounded approach:

With homeopathy, you eradicate the genetic weakness that makes you susceptible to all kinds of warts, tumors, and other gynecological diseases.

With Su Jok, you can send healthy energy directly to the diseased organs and mend them without the surgery.

With herbal treatment you heal both the liver and the hormones, and within a few months time, endo will be gone. (One such mixture is Endo-Ex for Endometriosis)

Give yourself lots of Reiki and the pain will both subside while you will be healed at the same time.

Through medical astrology, it is possible to come up not only with a battery of healing methods that will best heal you, but it is also possible to predict when the endometriosis will get worse, and what should be done then in order to preserve health.

Your best strategy is to combine methods that are easilly accessible to you. Ask around what kinds of alternative practitioners live or have offices near you. (You can use Google Local Search to find them, for instance!) Find one that you can work with, if it's a medical doctor, all the better. Or, you can get a book
called The Endometriosis Natural Treatment Program -- it offers practical, easy-to-implement ways to alleviate symptoms of endometriosis and improve overall health and well-being. Covers environmental toxins, cosmetics, dietary habits, and other lifestyle issues that may be partially to blame for the condition.

The essence of the book is a program for eliminating certain foods, changing habits, and using supplements and essential oils to begin healing the condition, incorporating aromatherapy, diet, sitz baths, and other methods. Authors Valerie Ann Worwood and Julia Stonehouse suggest slow yet steady lifestyle changes that focus on whole, unprocessed foods, detoxification, self-massage, essential oils, stress reduction, herbal remedies, and supplements to address nutritional needs. The books also includes checklists and self-tests to help women implement the plan for treatment.

The more of these alternative approaches that you incorporate into your daily life, the sooner the pain will be gone.

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