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Your Personal Healing Plan

On this site and elsewhere, you could have seen various energy healing methods. Once you decided to use them, all that remains is a series of practical steps, that is, how to implement them. Your personal plan consists of six easy steps that you can undertake on your own, and cheaply, in order to start your fight to get your health and life back. The steps are:

1) From medical astrology we deduce critical periods of your illness. Also, which type of therapy will be useful in your particular case. .

2) Reiki gives you a chance to heal yourself regardless of the diagnosis. Within your personal healing plan, Reiki has a special place, because it can help you find the best healing mix, regardless of the circumstances.

3) Bach flower remedies will patch up the broken layers of aura. Once the remedies heal you from inside, excessive emotions stop being the food for the tumors, cancers and the like. The chances of getting permanently better suddenly are much higher than before. Your personal healing plan eliminates excessive emotions, undercutting the food for growth of tumors and cancer.

4) Homeopathic remedies can heal you on their own, IF you manage to deduce which remedy should it be. We can read the appropriate remedy from the horoscope, or you can do it by seeing a qualified homeopath, either offline and/or online.

5) Su Jok is an excellent therapy, which can also "heal anything" if applied properly. It is cheap, and if you knew how, you could heal yourself every night, in sleep. It is not as widespread as the other energy healing plans, but its ease of use and power give it a special place in your personal healing plan.

6) Herbal remedies can be an excellent supplement to other approaches, and can also heal on their own, if applied with perseverance.

Your personal healing plan really is that, a plan made for you, now, under your current circumstances, and it is as personal as it gets. Please enter your data in the following form, to start getting a free seven day email mini-course, after which you can decide what else to do:

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