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Vibropathy -- Healing with Complex Mixtures of Homeopathic and Other Frequences

In classical homeopathy, one and only one remedy is chosen to cover all the symptoms (or as many of the symptoms that is possible to cover). Since it is difficult to find such a remedy, practitioners started mixing homeopathic remedies, often with great success. There are various schools of "mixing" and vibropathy is one of them. It combines pure homeopathic remedies with nosodes, radionics rates, flower remedies etc. and the resulting therapies are often both easy to find and efficient in healing.

The idea of healing with mixtures is magnificently executed in a system of healing called vibrionics or vibropathy. It consists of a radionics machine with no rates but with cards only. Inside the machine is a strong magnet, it reads the information from the card with a special ink on it and transforms it into a vibration on a remedy carrier, which may be globules of sugar, water, alcohol and the like.

On the main vibropathy site concentrate on the menu on the left side, from there you will be able to extract the information about vibropathy. Click on SRHVP on the main menu to see the manual and the instructions in using the SAI RAM potentizer. From that page click on List of Remedies to get the list of all remedies in the system. You'll have to wait a bit more for the page to download since it is one enormous table. There are 576 cards, some with only one remedy on it, the others with dozens of remedies on themselves. On each card there is a recommended potency. You are free to change the potency on any card but you should not do it since the whole system functions best when left as it is.

Remedies Used In Vibropathy

The cards have numbers from 1 to 576. Most of the cards have label SR in front of the number, say SR537 Uterus, while others are prefixed by groups. The first group is NM, Narayani Mixtures, with 117 remedies. Other important groups with their own prefixes are

BR -- balance remedies, all in potency of 50M

SM -- Soham remedies, in various potencies

OM -- organ remedies, ali in potency of CM.

From the page on the above address you will see many other groups: organs, all Bach Flower Remedies, chakras, meridians, gems, tissue salts, specific diseases, single homeopathic remedies etc.

You are free to combine any card with any other card. If, for instance, you have problems with eyes take two cards, NM 17 Eyes and NM 36 War, and you will automatically get all the following remedies:

NM 17 Eyes (all remedies in potency 200C)

Argentum Nitricum; Chelidonium; Euphrasia; Muscular (the frequency of muscles); Onosmodium; Phosphorus; Physostigma; Ruta

NM 36 War (potency 1M)

Penicillin; Belladonna; Gunpowder; Cortisone; Streptococcus; Staphillococcus; Pyrogenium; Kali Phos

Together these two cards would solve the problem of inflammed eyes, that is, Conjunctivitis (pink eye).

Vibropathy Is Easy To Use

Vibropathy is made for beginners and non-doctors alike. It comes from India, where true doctors are really rare compared to the number of people living over there. This system is used from the 1990's, and is best accepted in Eastern countries of Europe, Middle and Far East.

The system is easy enough for anyone to use. There is a large manual with therapies for all common diseases, you just have to read it and make a remedy or a set of remedies. In average, it would take you from 10 minutes to half an hour to make your own remedy or remedies.

Removing Uterine Fibroids with Vibropathy

Here is the therapy:

1) SR249 Medorrhinum 1M

One dose, repeat in two weeks.

2) SR318 Thuja 30C

3) SR318 Thuja 200C

Give #2) TDS for five days in a row; then give remedy #3). Repeat after two weeks. Herem, TDS means "three times a day".

4) NM56 Menses bleeding TDS for a month, increase frequency while bleeding.

5) NM23 Menses irregular

Take TDS after the myoma is expelled from the body.

6) NM16 Drawing + SM2 Divine protection 10M + SR264 Silicea 30C + SR274 Aur Mur Nat 4X + SR537 Uterus + SR255 Calc Sulph + OM24 Female genital + NM36 War + BR16 Female + SM21 Female

To be taken 6DS (six times a day), decrease to TDS when the myom starts coming out. (The potency for SM2 Divine protection is 10M instead of 200C, which was deduced by the use of pendulum.)

7) NM2 Blood + OM1 Blood + BR1 Anaemia + SR361 Acetic Acid + SR494 Haemoglobin

TDS for three months

This case was successfully closed within a month. See the links for astrohomeopathy case of uterine fibroids and homeopathic treatment for uterine fibroids to see how the case unfolded in time, and why.

Vibropathy -- Pro et Contra

1) You can make your own remedies, at home or elsewhere. You save both on the cost of buying the remedies and on the costs of transportation.

This is a huge saving potential.

2) The potencies are already delineated for you, but you can change them if you want to. You can make any remedy in any potency, from 1X up to 10MM.

3) This is a complete system, nothing is left out. There are cards (i.e. remedies) for all parts of the body. By combining them you can describe the situation as if in a programming language and administer the appropriate combination.

4) No electric power is needed for the vibropathy machine, you can use it anywhere.

5) This system of healing you can obtain from one and only one source. If they do not want to sell you the machine and the cards, you cannot do anything about it.

6) Although you pay for the machine, you are forbidden to make money with it. When getting the machine, you must sign how many hours per week will you use the machine for healing and for free.

7) If you do not want to bother with healing as such and just want to be healed, you can try to obtain a list of healers nearby, in your country. Not that, even if you get the list of local SAI RAM healers, it may not mean you will get the healing you need.

8) Just as any other radionics device, the vibropathy machine can send healing through space (distant healing). You can heal someone in the hospital, in coma on another continent, or even in the same room where the machine is, it doesn't matter at all where the recipient is. A steady flow of energy is coming to him or her. This is similar to Reiki, except that in Reiki you can direct the energy through the time as well.

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