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Triple Energy Pack -- a New Way of Receiving Free Distance Healing

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You will be receiving the energy of the Triple Energy Pack for one half of an hour three days in a row.

For best effect, please specify where you are, at what time should the Triple Energy Pack reach you and according to which time zone. (These would be the second to last three fields in the form bellow.) If possible, try to be alone or well isolated from external stimuli (TV, kids, phones, Internet... whatever), and try to enter a state of meditation. Open your self up and say to yourself, mentally or aloud:

"I want to receive the Triple Energy Pack from Dusko Savic!"

and then relax. The energy should flow for half an hour, after that, you may feel sleepy, exhausted, full of energy etc. Some people don't feel anything, but that does not mean that the energy was not received. Most probably, if not felt in the body, Reiki in the Triple Energy Pack worked on some other plane -- we are accustomed to feel with our bodies, but in distant healing that may not always be the case.

As in any other form of energy healing, you may feel fleeting moments of aggravation: memories from long ago, upset stomach, perhaps rememberance of old wounds... whatever. That is actually a good sign, the body is cleansing itself. Also, watch out for comments from the people that surround you -- maybe they will notice something new about you!

Triple Energy Pack - A Testimonial


I really enjoyed the treatments and must say that my back has not been hurting the past 3 days. Though the exhaustion is still there.

Day One: I awoke at 6:00 am at the time my reiki session was supposed to begin. I could not go back to sleep so got up and began my day.

Day Two: I slept in to 7:10 am. Very unusual to sleep this long. Was very relaxed and calm.

Day Three: woke at 6:00 am but made myself stay in bed because of the treatment. Fell back asleep until 7:10 am. I chose the 6:00 am time frame because I usually awake around 6:40 am. That way I figured I would receive the treatment when I was the most relaxed, centered and calm. I enjoyed the treatments very much and will definitely sign up again.

Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!


Now Please Fill the Form!

For the sake of completness, please fill all the relevant data bellow. These are the data that I would need to erect your natal chart, in case you wanted to order an astrological delineation some day. At the same time, these data are sufficient for the actual broadcasting of the energy to you!

Please be extra careful when typing your email address. It is the only way I can get back to you, so for best results copy and paste it from the email program that you use. On the other hand, please whitelist the whole domain, since it is from this domain that you will be receiving mail about distant healing sessions and Reiki.

You may not be sure about the hour and minute of your birth, but that's OK. Just indicate the level of accuratness in the field How certain are you that the hour and minute of births are accurate?

The last field in the form is for your Reiki affirmation. It may be any wish of yours, but within a site for avoiding the hysterectomy, it would best be something about healing and/or similar life goals. (Note that if you want to get healed, you have to change certain parts of your life, namely those that forced you into the illness in the first place.)

I reserve the right to erase the affirmation if it wildly violates these guidelines, or to even stop the Triple Energy Pack from being sent to you. I would have instantly informed you of such a decision.

Rest assured that your privacy is guaranteed -- you don't even have to say your last name, phone number, street address or any other private matter. From time to time, I might send you an email or two, and you will always be able to cancel further emails with one click of the mouse. On the other hand, I reserve the right to refuse to send you the energy, without any special explanation. If I decide so, I'll let you know via email as soon as possible.

Please use your real email address -- avoid Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and all other generic "secondary" addresses, since my email may not be able to reach you in turn if you use services with too strong anti-SPAM protection.

Triple Energy Pack
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When did you first start noticing the symptoms?
Did you have any operation so far? If yes, when?
Are you on any medications for this problem?
Would you like to receive a long distance energy healing -- Reiki?
In which location would you receive distant healing?
At what local time would you like to receive the energy:
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Do you have any special affirmation the energy should be sent to and if you do, please write it here:

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