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Testosterone For Women

Testosterone for women may look like a contrived idea, but it really is not. Ovaries make no less then six various sexual hormones, and one of them is testosterone. You can tell that you need more testosterone if

-- your sexual pleasure is diminished, if

-- breasts and genitals are not as sensitive as they used to be, if

-- orgasms are not as big as they used to be, and if

-- there is a decreased libido.

Low energy and depression may also be signs of the lack of testosterone. All women under surgical menopause should add both estrogen and testosterone to their daily remedy intake!

Signs Of Quality Presence Of Testosterone

These are the signs that testosterone for women is present:

-- vasomotor symptoms of menopause will be better,

-- you will have more energy,

-- there will be an enhanced feeling of well-being,

-- breasts will be harder,

-- there will a stronger desire for sex,

-- sex will be more intensive,

-- sex will be more frequent,

-- orgasm will be better.

The reason testosterone therapy is not used more often is that women are afraid of its side-effects, such as hoarseness or voice changes, growing beard, acne and too strong a sexual drive. These will not happen if testosterone is taken in small doses, and if there are any side-effects, just decrease the dose of testosterone.

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