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Sex After Hysterectomy

Sex after hysterectomy will depend on the type of hysterectomy that was actually performed on you. The most important factor is whether your ovaries were taken out or not. (In technical terms, taking the ovaries out is called oopherectomy, and if you are not sure whether your ovaries are intact, have a look at the documents that the hospital gave you when you were leving the facility.)

Ovaries and other hormone control issues can be regarded as long-term factors of sex after hysterectomy. Let's first dispense with the short-term factors, which are about when will the wound heal enough to be able to have sex again with your partner.

Short-term Influences On Sex After Hysterectomy

This is about physical parts that were cut out, changed or damaged during the operation. Vagina always remains in place but its top must safely heal before any kind of penetrative sex would be permitted. For total hysterectomies, where both the uterus and cervix are taken out, this would take from six to eight weeks after the surgery. If subtotal hysterectomy were performed, in which cervix is left in place, this may be somewhat shorter. Sub-total hysterectomy is a bit more complicated to perform and may cost more, but the gains in sexual pleasure for the rest of the life may be well worth it.

By the way, the best sexual pleasure for a woman is achieved by simultaneous touching her clitoris, the G-point and cervix. When there is no cervix, the whole combination is just not possible and yes, sex after hysterectomy can rarely be what it was before.

Apart from that, a small number of women derives pleasure from their cervix being touched, and may feel its loss as diminished sexual pleasure. For a larger number of women contractions of the uterus were part of the sexual pleasure during orgasm, and this also may make sex after hysterectomy less worthy. The loss of cervix may become a difficulty in reaching orgasm or the orgams may become less intense.

On the positive note, if the symptoms for which hysterectomy were performed were a true obstacle to normal sex, then a successful hysterectomy may be just the ticket. For some women, sex after hysterectomy becomes a dream come true and it may bring a deep sense of relaxation. There cannot be pregnancy after any kind of hysterectomy, so this may also be a positive factor. Other factors permitting, the sex without a condom is just more pleasurable for both parties involved!

In rare cases, the vagina will be shortened during the hysterectomy. In my astrological practice, I've had a case of a woman with such condition. Not too long after the hysterectomy, she was engaged in a sexual relationship with a man with a very small penis. He was unable to have meaningful sex with other women and was so persistent that she had to change her phone number in order to stop his advances long after she lost interest in him!

The loss of cervix can also affect vaginal lubrication. This will be a marked problem if the ovaries were taken out as well, as then there will be no hormonal support. Vaginal dryness is a serious problem for many women and it makes the penetration so painful that sex becomes a torture. There are many artificial lubricants on the market, but you can also opt for corresponding herbal or homeopathic remedies. It all boils down to problems of estrogen dominance, and if its causes are emotional, then it would make sense to try Bach flower remedies and/or EFT.

How Chronic Consequences Affect Sex After Hysterectomy

Sexual activity is governed by hormonal activity and if the ovaries are taken out, then you enter surgical menopause. Once you are there on the surgical table, lying in anesthesia, with internal organs out, you are at the mercy of the practicsing surgeon. He or she can cut out the ovaries if certain conditions are met, and sometimes -- really rarely, but can happen -- he or she may take something out without your consent, just to perfect his or her surgical skills. Be sure to discuss all this with the operating surgeon, and if possible, let the ovaries stay. It is your body, you should be making informed decisions, not the doctor or at least, not only him or her.

As a countermeasure for the expected loss of estrogen (there will be no more ovaries to produce them), doctors usually prescribe even more estrogen in the form of pills. They conveniently forget that there are two other sources of estrogen in female body, adrenal glands and fat tissues. So you enter the state of Estrogen Dominance, which is responsible for hot flushes, dryness of vagina, with osteoporosis, cancerous breasts, and risks of heart failure to enter the picture a few years later.

Needless to say, these do not give exhaulted sex after hysterectomy. To resolve the problems of estrogen dominance on the physiological level, you need natural women progesterone. Beware though! There are artificial replacements for progesterone on the market and those will not do the trick. Only the natural progesterone can help you!

Good Sex After Hysterectomy -- Is It Possible?

Good sex after hysterectomy actually is possible if you use testosterone for women. Before you mention it, I'll tell you that taking testosterone in low dosages is not dangerous at all and if any consequence appears -- change of voice, growth of facial hair etc. -- take lesser doses and it will disapear.

The conclusion is that hysterectomy drastically changed your physical body and that you have to do something about it. Unfortunately, the doctors prescribe only what they know about, and it is your task to educate yourself and get what you really need!

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