Post Op Attunement

Postoperative Recovery

Whatever surgery that you have, you will find this Post Op Attunement very helpful. I shall presume that you have already had contact with Reiki, either in person, through your own initiations, or through distant healing.

Now, everybody loves Reiki and I have yet to meet a person either offline or online that hasn't reckognized its benefits. The drawback is that it is too broad, there are times, for example, when you have just had a surgery, when you need a more direct approach. This is exactly what Post Op Attunement is made to do:

to reduce pain from the surgery,
to eliminate scars from the operation,
to eliminate the inherent sense of humiliation by going to the hospital and being "butchered",
to help you gain new hope that all will be well after the surgery,
to regain your physical strength,
to help the deep wounds heel as fast as possible,
to protect you from energy leaches that might have gotten to you while you were unconscious and/or in the hospital,
to stop the pain, especially where the nerves end,
to stop spreading the infection, if any.

Treating yourself with the energy gained through Post Op Attunement is like taking 15, 20, 25 or more homeopathic, flower, and organo remedies at the same time, all poised to make your healing faster, with less pain, making the post-operative course of recovery easier on everyone involved.

What does the Post Op Attunement contain?

Here is the list of solo or combination remedies and their potencies. It should be quite clear what they do, especially if you know something about homeopathic, Bach flower remedies etc.


30C Circulation, physical strength, recuperation of thorn tissues.

Scar Tissue

6X A combo remedy, there should be no scars after using it.


200C A combo remedy, will promote fast regeneration of tissues.


30C For wounds deep within.


CM A natural antibiotic.


CM Always stops the spreading of the infection.


30C To stop the pain, especially where the nerves are ending.


1M A combination remedy that acts as an antibiotic.

Anti Stress

50M To save you from the entire event.

Anti Depression

50M Will lift you from depression.

Anti Fear

50M Will resolve fear that is always a part of surgery.


200C For being cut with surgical instruments; unresolved emotions.

Removal of Entities

200C In case some entity came to you while being operated upon.

Divine Protection

10M Just what it says... very powerful!


200C To help you fight when everything seems to be against you.

Star of Betlehem

200C Shock and confusion from the surgery.

How to use the Post Op Attunement

You can use it like Reiki, that is, by putting hands down to your body and emitting the energy there. The difference is that you think "Post Op" and if you are attuned, the energy will flow.

If you are attuned to standard Reiki, you can use the distant symbol to send energy to any part of your body that needs recovery from surgery. You can use Post Op Attunement in that way even if you are NOT attuned to Reiki -- the distant symbol from Reiki Level II is an integral part of the Post Op attunement!

You can program the energy to last for the certain period of time. Start with smaller intervals and see your reactions to it -- do not use Post Op if there is no need.

NOTA BENE A significant part of energies in the Post Op comes from homeopathic remedies, which means they can, theoretically at least, be overused. To prevent that, Post Op is constantly supervisioned by the Deva of Reiki, so you will not be able to really harm anyone with Post Op, the energy will be always sent and received for the highest good of all involved!

You can send Post Op to either space or time, or both. You can send it to the parts of the body that were operated upon, and you can direct the energy to heal your body starting with the moments right after the surgery was finished.
Or, just use it as soon as you awake from the surgery. Instead of all those long hours in the hospital or at home uselesly drag away, apply the Post Op energy to heal yourself better and faster!
You can also treat your self while waiting for your exams, or while being driven to and from the hospital... Actually, you can use it anywhere, anytime and no one will even notice what you're doing!
If your partner is attuned to the Post Op energy, he or she can give you treatments in person or via distant healing, or both. Instead of just being there for you, he or she can actually help in the way you need the most.

Making a Post Op Remedy in the Bottle

To make Post Op as a remedy, fill a 20ml bottle with water or alcohol or a mixture of both. Look at the bottle and state with intent, either aloud or just mentally:

Post Op potency ____

which will turn all the potencies from the remedy into the new potency,

or just say

Post Op

which will leave the potencies from the attunement intact.

Allow at least three minutes for Post Op frequences to sink into the content of the bottle.

The only way to immediately ascertain whether there is remedy in the bottle is by dowsing, usually with a pendulum. Of course, the other way is to use it for a few days and see whether there is less pain etc.

You drink from the bottle as you would drink from any other homeopathic remedy -- several times a day, 4 drops into a clean mouth. In cases of recent surgeries, take at least 6 times a day, or once per hour, or even more frequently.

When the symptoms subside, you can take the remedy less frequently. Take it 3 times a day for at least a week after the majority of symptoms are gone. Do not take it once you are totally recuperated from the surgery.

Mark the bottle so that you know what is inside and from when. (Generally, you may have several similar bottles, or several versions of the same remedy, so in time it becomes more and more important to know what is in the bottle.)

You can make the remedy and than give it away to any of your relatives, friends etc. who need that kind of remedy.

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