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Links and Resources for How To Avoid

Here are the links of the sites I like in my niche.
My astrology site, for self develpment with astrology and energy healing.

Angela Bailey
Hypnosis with Angela Bailey, Olympian Silver Medalist at L.A. Olympic Games. Hypnosis helped her gain the titles and respect, and now she pays back, by helping people in dire need.
My video site on astrology. You won't be able to understand much since it is in Serbian, my mother's tongue.

Jose Bolano MD
A surgeon who produces excellent videos on practical gynecology and posts them on YouTube. You can see some of his works from the hysterectomy videos page on this site.

Acupuncture and Chinese
An excellent site on basic notions of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Links emotions to organs and bodily systems, as well as ways to heal them through acupuncture and herbs.  
Holistic Herbalist introduces medicinal herbs and herbal remedies in a holistic way with traditional benefits, clinically supported benefits, dosage and phytochemistry, side effects and interactions, herb pictures and herbal research. The modern herbal medicine approach is balanced with holistic approach of ayurveda.

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